Music video pricing

Budget music video production


1 camera operator (fewer angles and more straight forward video shoot, less ‘artsy’)

£25 per hour on location

Edit £60. Pro-res HD videos (DVD/Blu-ray quality)

Typical shoot lasts 4 hours. So realistically you’re looking at approx £160-£200 all in.


2 camera operators

£50 per hour on location. More angles and less takes, giving a higher production value and better-looking video. It can be quicker than 1 camera op, so cost balances out.

Edit £80. More angles mean more editing but results are worth it. Pro-res HD videos (DVD/Blu-ray quality)

Typical shoot lasts 3 hours. One music video approx £230

Fast turn around on videos. No long waiting!

Travel Costs

Travel costs are applicable outside of Newcastle upon Tyne.