SUMO CYCO | 19.03.2018 | Think Tank Newcastle | REVIEW and PHOTOS

SUMO CYCO | 19.03.2018 | Think Tank Newcastle | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Sumo Cyco – 19th March 2018 – Think Tank Newcastle – Review and photos

I arrived at the venue (sadly) just as Skarlett Riot were taking end of set photos with the crowd. Which left me annoyed with myself! One of these days I will catch them. Judging by the applause I missed a rather cracking set 🙁

It’s a cold Monday night, but there is already a mini-moshpit of devoted fans already at the front and raring to go! Also, there seems to be a million photographers here, much to my amusement! I needn’t have brought my camera tonight =D

I decided to stay at the back out of the way, rather than my usual upfront position. Too many cooks in the kitchen and I thought I’d be annoying to the punters who’ve paid to see the band! I found myself a canny spot where I could see all goings on, apart from the drummer 🙁

I think this photo sums up my amusement 🙂

Okay, that’s enough of that, now can I say about this show? Skye Sweetnam stalks the stage with feral intensity. Encouraging the crowd to go wild. She has a hell of a voice, reminds me of the brilliant Be Your Own Pet (remember them?!) when she lets rip.

Punk rock and groove metal slip into rap without difficulty, adding a mix of singalong pop anthems. Impressive. It’s that melting pot of styles I love about Sumo Cyco, genre mish-mash executed perfectly.

Sumo Cyco – 18th March 2018 – Think Tank Newcastle

It’s quite remarkable that this band hasn’t yet achieved stadium status. They have everything right, great songs, great stage presence, youthful energy and the experience to make it. They tour relentlessly. It seems that if they are to breakthrough they’ll be doing it the good old-fashioned way; hard work. They appear to be having the time of their lives doing it. With the likes of Marmozets hitting it big, there is a glimmer of hope.

Sumo Cyco are a fantastic band, please go see them in the small venues before the rest of the world cottons on! Their name is rock ‘n’ roll!


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