TEN EIGHTY TREES | DUNES | SING AGAIN SYREN | 20.04.2019 | Think Tank Underground | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Ten Eighty Trees, Dunes, Sing Again Syren – 20th April 2019 – Think Tank Underground

Ten Eighty Trees – 20th April 2019 – Think Tank

Review and photos by Graeme J. Baty from Blank Slate Creative

I walked into the venue with a strong sense of déjà vu tonight, in the most positive way. Dunes and Ten Eighty Trees played together last year and that was a fantastic night. So when this show was announced a huge smile appeared on my dial! The lineup promised to be a power trio of power trios.

Sing Again Syren – 20th April – Think Tank Underground

First up a new band on the local scene who are making a bit of a name for themselves; Sing Again Syren. Tonight is my first time seeing them and I had no doubt they’d be something special for this lineup. I wasn’t disappointed.

A three-piece of highly accomplished players jamming with some distinctive hard rock with a hint blues thrown in for an irresistible sound. As they walk on stage I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but by the time they closed their set they left a few people with jaws on the floor. A fantastic rhythm section and a distinct low-end groove. Guitarist Eliza Lee stole the show with her incredible shredding. The entire band are incredibly skilled. Impressive to note that they’ve only been going since late 2018, if they push their stage presence forward a bit I sense great things ahead for this lot. I’d definitely call Sing Again Syren as ones to watch out for.

Dunes – 20th April 2019 – Think Tank

Syren’s warmed the audience up nicely and next up came high impact riffage of Dunes! What can I say about Dunes? Well, they are the band I’ve seen the most in recent years. In fact, I’ve entirely lost count, definitely in double digits now and becoming difficult to honestly review them since they’re always on top form and I am a bit biased, to be honest, I love DUNES!

This fact aside they never fail to impress. If anything they’ve become stronger and more defined as they moved to a three-piece. The band might be endlessly compared to that American band but they’ve knuckled down and made their own identity which is far greater than the recent output of said band. That identity is good old killer riffs and witty lyrics, you can help but love their sound.

A new album is in the bag and coming out later in 2019. We were treated to a few of the tracks from it including Take Me To The Nasties and my current earworm Denim Casket. They closed their set with a long epic version of Illegitimate Hulk. If you weren’t a Dunes fan before tonight’s set, you are now! Proper mint!

Ten Eighty Trees – 20th April 2019 – Think Tank

Ten Eighty Trees headline tonight celebrating the launch of their new single Casual Habits. It’s a stellar turnout for them and the room is buzzing. That buzz is absorbed by the band and reciprocated with a phenomenal show. The sheer enthusiasm and energy of the band is utterly intoxicating. Frontman Nathan knows how to work a crowd and appears to be having the time of his life up there, striking endless amounts of rock poses. His high energy antics proved a delight to photograph.

Every now and again you’ll catch a band and they blow you away. It doesn’t happen as often as it used to for me. I’ll put that down to middle age! It happened when I saw them in late 2018 with Dunes. However, Ten Eighty Trees seem to have stadium rock written all over them. Although their music is fairly undefinable and incredibly diverse there is that magic there and some densely crafted songs that evolve and intrigue, the more you listen to them the more you like them. It’s a magic that could propel them to a much wider audience.

Each member of the band demands your attention. Drummer Michael Mather endlessly smiling and pulling faces while bassist Lewis Glathom powers through the setlist, not to be outdone he drives the songs, mixes up styles and even lays down the funk at times. Such a fantastic rhythm section!

The Ten Eighty live sound is much more intense than their super slick recordings would suggest. Adding a sense of drama and dirt to it. Very powerful but you’re brought back down to earth with catchy singalong choruses, it’s all too easy to get swept along with them and lose your shit. Something Feral is a great example of this, killer rock riffs coupled with a sucker-punch of a singalong “Ohh Owoh!”.

Ten Eighty Trees are still a fairly new band but with huge promising potential. I shall enjoy watching these rise through the ranks. Tonight the had the audience eating out of the palm of their hands and singing back word for word. This is a new generation of Newcastle bands that aren’t afraid to do their own thing and refuse to fit into the standard boring indie music that has plagued the local scene for the last few years. The future is bright, the future is 1080! What a night.


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