GJB talks about Photography with NARC Magazine

GJB talks about Photography

NARC Magazine asked if I would contribute a feature on how to get started in Photography.

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Extract; ‘My name is Graeme and I run Blank Slate Creative; a local business that offers photo and video services. I started out as a hobbyist but found myself drawn in deeper and deeper, it’s an addictive but fun hobby…READ MORE

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Photoshop saves the day!

Photoshop skills are very important in modern music photography. This is a good example of a throwaway shot, that with a bit of tweaking can actually be saved.

Situation: The lights changed fast, from very dark to very bright, faster than I could adjust the camera settings. Leaving shot totally over exposed and ‘useless’. A couple of minutes in Photoshop CS6 and we have a usable image. Okay it’s not perfect but skills like these can save the day when it comes to getting a shot or walking away with nothing.

Left: after. Right: before

Photoshop to the rescue

Photoshop to the rescue