FRANK TURNER | THE WILDHEARTS | 13.07.2019 | Wasteland Festival | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls | The Wildhearts | Holy Moly and The Crackers | Beans on Toast – 13th July 2019 – Wasteland Festival

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls – 12th July 2019 – Wasteland Festival

Review by Lee Hammond and photos by Graeme J Baty

The second day of Wasteland festival had also been moved at short notice, tonight though the venue feels significantly cooler than last nights sweat box. Arriving in time for local band Holy Moly and The Crackers, they set about starting the party as early as possible. A fun packed set as they entertain this exuberant early crowd with their own brand of folk punk. Bounding round the stage in enthusiastic fashion it sets a huge precedent for everyone who is to follow them.

From a local band of reprobates to a lone man, Beans On Toast slopes on to the stage to an excited reception. Straight into tearing a strip off Donald and Boris it’s clear Beans On Toast is in the mood for a party, he rattles off a plethora of his better known tracks including the chant-along MDMAmazing, which never fails to induce a brilliant reaction. He then offers it out to the audience to request tracks, only to find most of those they’re after he can’t play.

It provides a fun end to a brilliant set, completely different to those that went before him, yet still no less compelling. There is no set style or genre tonight as next up are local legends The Wildhearts, personally requested by Frank Turner to play a special hometown show tonight. They’re a band who waste very little time in chatting, instead it’s heads down for this short set as they crank out riff after riff and hit after hit.

It’s a jam packed set, early on the brilliant Everlone has a multitude of heads nodding along in unison. With the likes of Suckerpunch quickly following after, new track Let ‘Em Go sees Frank Turner hopping on stage and bounding around in suitably ecstatic fashion as he helps out with this track. They power through to the end of this insatiable set, you’d be forgiven for assuming they were tonight’s headliners with a set as tight as this.

As the lights dim for the final time at this years Wasteland festival, Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls file out on to the stage and immediately take the roof off with an astounding rendition of Get Better. It kick starts a hit filled set in which you can barely hear Frank and his band as Long Live The Queen, Photosynthesis, Polaroid Picture, Plain Sailing Weather all invoke massive sing-alongs.

There are few artists that can control a crowd in the way Frank Turner does, tonight he is on top form. Creating a circle pit, inciting deafening chants filled with heartfelt passion, for a moment it brings about that ecstatic feeling that takes you away from everything else. The odd track from Be More Kind softening the tone ever so slightly but he soon picks the pace back up.

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls – 12th July 2019 – Wasteland Festival

The end of his set is an exceptional run through some of his most angst filled work, The Next Storm, Try This At Home, Recovery, I Still Believe and finally the ever brilliant Four Simple Words. It’s insane from start to finish this crowd moving as one, bouncing up and down to every beat. All lead in song by Frank, it is truly a sight to behold as we leave hoarse wishing it wasn’t over. Once again Frank Turner proving why he is one of the finest live acts in the country if not the world.

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BLOC PARTY | CIRCA WAVES | MYSTERY JETS | 12.07.2019 | Wasteland Festival | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Bloc Party | Circa Waves | Mystery Jets – 12th July 2019 – Wasteland Festival

Review by Lee Hammond and photos by Graeme J Baty

Bloc Party – 12th July 2019 – Wasteland Festival

After moving venue at the last minute, the show must go on and tonight the O2 Academy Newcastle throws its doors open to a horde of people expecting the best in nostalgic mid noughties indie. Opening the show The Mystery Jets kick things off to a lively start, their excitable style mixed with infectious choruses has everyone up and dancing. Their set mainly filled with newer tracks but the appearance of Young Love is a welcome addition to this short set.

Continuing on a theme of insatiable groove ridden choruses and spritely Indie Rock, Circa Waves hit the stage next. The relatively young band sandwiched between two stalwarts of the indie scene, they put on an excitable set. They appear to be as excited as everyone else, it’s not long before they have the ever-swelling crowd in full verse. Frontman Kieran is quick to get everyone clapping and singing as best as he can.

The likes of Fossils and Stuck in my Teeth are instant highlights in this energetic set, but they save the best until last. Finishing off in style with a riotous rendition of T-Shirt Weather, which has this entire crowd in song. An impressive way to finish any set, as they set this now packed out crowd up for Bloc Party.

As the lights dim, the band make their way on to the stage to a rapturous reception from this packed crowd. The heat inside the venue is soaring as outside the rain continues to pour (I bet you’re glad it’s been moved inside now). Opening with Compliments, the band have opted for a different take on playing their debut album in full, where most bands would play from start to finish.

Bloc Party decide to play from the end through to the beginning, it’s a slow build as the first few tracks lack the energy of the hits that otherwise litter the album. However, they hit their stride during This Modern Love and from there they’re firing on all cylinders. Hit after hit follows, you really cannot fault Bloc Party on this occasion, Blue Light, Banquet, Helicopter, Like Eating Glass everything sounds exceptional.

There is the obvious miss of the fact that this isn’t the original lineup but that matters less and less as Kele’s signature style permeates throughout the venue. Leaving the stage after the main event they return for a few tracks mainly those from Weekend In The City, all of which are welcome additions to this blistering set. Hunting For Witches and The Prayer are obvious favourites as they cap off an incredible set in style.

HOLY MOLY AND THE CRACKERS | 30.11.2018 | Newcastle Riverside | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Holy Moly and the Crackers – 30th November 2018 – Newcastle Riverside

Review and photos by Victoria Wai (Victoria Wai)

Holy Moly and the Crackers - 30th November 2018 - Newcastle Riverside

There was quite a buzz as I arrived at the venue. Many had gathered early from a varying of ages. Holy Moly and the Crackers were kickstarting the weekend for many at the Riverside in Newcastle.

Opening the night we have local band Portraits. I saw these guys recently supporting another band and something felt a bit flat that night. Not with them, but the night in general. This night was very different! They gave their all again but everything seemed more free-flowing and every member on the stage felt pumped with energy. There was definitely something in this Friday night air.

Moments before Holy Moly and The Crackers came on the floor space literally packed in every inch and spirits seemed very high. Lights down and smoke filling the stage and I felt the audience’s excitement in me! Holy Moly are Newcastle based and they have been on the scene for a quite a few years now. I am Newcastle based. Heard the name for years. This would be my first time seeing them though I have crossed paths with a few members at times.

Holy Moly & The Crackers - Riverside, Newcastle - 30th Nov 2018 - 39

The venue erupted as soon as the music started from both the crowd and the band. It was pure electricity pumping through me as I watched what was going on in front of me. Every member on that stage was infectious with energy. It was a solid set from start to end.

Holy Moly & The Crackers - Riverside, Newcastle - 30th Nov 2018 - 34

Leadman Conrad Bird was unstoppable. He covered every part of the stage and up close with every member of the band. How he kept his breath throughout is amazing especially as he was also on the trumpet and guitar. In fact that goes for every member, it just so happens Conrad was covering space more, as we had Ruth Patterson’s arms everywhere when she wasn’t conducting the fiddle. Accordion player Rosie Bristow was almost doing acrobatics as she played with Nick Tyler on his electric guitar jumping up and down behind her then Jamie Shields slapping da bass and Tommy Evans drumming like all possessed drummers do! Piece this all together and it is one of the most exciting things to witness at a live show.

We are given many songs from the back catalogue including Cold Comfort Lane which featured in the blockbuster Ocean’s 8. River Neva brings a real ‘knees up’ affair but to be honest the whole night is one big knees up. And if that wasn’t enough we are treated to some new songs such as All I Got Is You to acrobatics moves in Upside Down courtesy of their circus performing friend Hannah.

It sure is one big party with Holy Moly and The Crackers and we end with Devil & The Danube…..if only they were allowed…as not even given the chance to completely walk off the stage the chants for one more come quick, fast and loud, that Ruth and Conrad remain on stage for a beautiful duet called Ain’t That Enough. Maybe the quietest song of the night but the energy is still the same as Ruth’s vocals get the chance to shine that bit more and are complemented by Conrad’s huskiness. The venue is at high intensity that when the song finishes the other band members run back on stage and play us out with the stomper that is Mary.

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