THE TWILIGHT SAD | MAN OF MOON | 21.10.2019 | Newcastle University | REVIEW and PHOTOS

The Twilight Sad | Man of Moon – 21st October 2019 – Newcastle University

The Twilight Sad - Live in Newcastle 2019. Graeme J Baty

Review by Lee Hammond and photos by Graeme J. Baty 

After a lengthy absence from the city, The Twilight Sad are set to make a triumphant return on this cold Monday evening. There is a palpable tension which permeates throughout the room, as an already healthy crowd watch in in awe of Man Of Moon. A band who’ve continually impressed, their ability to make such an incredible noise and being just a duo is astounding.

Tonight is absolutely no different as they provide a ferocious and exciting opening set, the frenetic and dark riffs set against a heavy back beat come thick and fast. Unrelenting are times, the perfect way to start tonight. Taking to the stage The Twilight Sad waste very little time in thrilling the packed crowd. The somber tones of [10 Good Reasons For Modern Drugs] kicking things off with a bang.

James Graham I’m typically exuberant form as he feels every bit of pain conveyed in the lyrics. Sauntering around the stage exuding passion and angst throughout, the band are apologetic for not coming back to the city. All of which is quickly forgotten as they continue with rousing renditions of tracks like VTr and I/m Not Here [Missing Face]. Both of which are from the bands exceptional latest album It Won’t Be Like This All The Time. Tonight’s set focuses around it and live it is truly something else, The Twilight Sad are just one of those bands whom you cannot help but be enthralled by.

Tonight is absolutely no different the latter part of the set becomes increasingly impassioned, these songs are often hard listens at best due to the often upsetting content. However, James captures you with his performance and his ability to convey these themes is second to none, particularly during tracks like Cold Days From the Birdhouse, which never fail to overpower you.

One track which leaves very few dry eyes though is a cover of Frightened Rabbit’s Keep Yourself Warm. The Twilight Sad do this song justice every time they play it, but it is still a difficult listen but tonight hearing an entire crowd sing every word back reminds you of the incredible impact that Frightened Rabbit had on so many people. Whilst tonight was a long time coming The Twilight Sad were at their best ever, this packed crowd loved every minute of it. The passion, the power, and the angst all free flowing throughout you really could not fault them.


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PIXIES | THE BIG MOON | 21.09.2019 | Newcastle Academy | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Pixies | The Big Moon – 21st September 2019 – Newcastle O2 Academy

Pixies band live at Newcastle Academy 2019

Review and photos by Graeme J. Baty 

Legends return to Newcastle following the release of their latest album Beneath the Eyrie pummelling fans with an epic 2 hour set which comprised of nearly 40 songs.

The Big Moon - Newcastle Academy with the Pixies

Support for the tour comes from hotly-tipped act The Big Moon. They made a pleasant start to the evening with their irresistible slow burners. Pop tinged songs such as Sucker and Cupid will appeal to fans of the softer toned Pixies songs. As the venue fills they win over many in attendance, I think that is their power, they certainly reward the patient listener and although there is a lot to like on the first play of their material you need to invest a bit of time in them before the magic really clicks. With support slots such as a tour with the Pixies, I see great things ahead for The Big Moon

Tonight marks my third time seeing one of my all-time favourites the Pixies and I find myself anxious with excitement to see them again. It’s been a good 5 or 6 years since I last saw them at Glasgow Barrowland and my first time with their new bassist Paz Lenchantin. It is quite a privilege to get to photograph this band, I’m not gonna lie! Tonight will certainly be remembered for many years to come. A band I’ve been obsessed with for a good 20 plus years and one of the bands that were pivotal in my musical education.

They are back with a new record and I must admit I haven’t listened to anything after the disappointing Indie Cindy. For a band with a stunning back catalogue it came as a bit of a let down to me, lacking the fire and abrasiveness I’d become so attached to. I just didn’t click with it. Tonight they’d only play one song from Indie Cindy and I wondered if maybe I had been a bit harsh on the new material or the lack of songs from it proves my point? That said, I have it on good authority that the new album is indeed a return to form and much to my delight I found myself really enjoying these songs in a live setting. They played the entire new album, interspersed with highlights from their entire career. The set worked remarkably well and I was astonished to see the reaction of the fans. The atmosphere in the Academy was one of awe, a hugely enthusiastic audience there to take in the night and experience one of the greatest bands of all time. I didn’t see many mobile phones in the air just people dancing and having a great time. Just as it should be!


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THE SILLY WALKS | 18.09.2019 | Cluny | PHOTO GALLERY

The Silly Walks – 18th Sept 2019 – The Cluny

Photos by Graeme J. Baty 

Here’s a full photo gallery from The Silly Walk’s set with King Khan!


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EDWYN COLLINS | ASTRID | 04.09.2019 | Newcastle Boiler Shop | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Edwyn Collins – 4th September 2019 – Newcastle Boiler Shop

Review by Lee Hammond. Photos by Graeme J. Baty 

Edwyn Collins continues to put out some of the most exquisite music around, with every album he provides incessantly infectious tracks. Badbea is no different and tonight is the opportunity for him to bring that album to life in the always wonderful surroundings of the Boiler Shop. Astrid open the show with an equally catchy set, their hook-laden tracks are almost instant earworms and cannot be faulted.

Their short set certainly has a positive effect and paves the way for the brilliant Edwyn Collins to follow. Opening with new track Outside he wastes little time in getting stuck in, with stand out track Losing Sleep following close behind. There is an enthusiasm and passion that underpins this set, Edwyn is in his usual playful mood promising that many of these tracks are the ‘good’ ones.

The fact of the matter is there isn’t really a bad track throughout his set, there are a slew of Orange Juice tracks peppered throughout this set. These tracks still pack a punch today, with the likes of What Presence? And I Guess I’m Just A Little Too Sensitive both featuring early on. Of course A Girl Like You also goes down a storm with this packed audience.

The latter part of the set is where he really lights it up, with the likes of Rip It Up uniting the entire crowd in song as well as Don’t Shilly Shally which also inspires a similar sing-along. Returning for the encore it’s not difficult to feel the love for this man as it permeates throughout the room.

He closes out with the title track of his latest album Badbea and follows that with the brilliant Falling and Laughing, it rounds off a perfectly balanced set which is filled with many of his finest tracks. Tonight Edwyn Collins is truly on top form, and still proving what a wonderful songwriter he truly is.


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Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band and Jarrod Dickenson – 17th July 2019 – Boiler Shop Newcastle

Review and photos by Graeme J. Baty from Blank Slate Creative

The Boiler Shop continues it’s now established a reputation for attracting stunning artists to the region. I can’t honestly say I’d ever expected to see thee Kenny Wayne Shepherd in Newcastle. This was one of those must-see shows! Judging by the sell-out (or very very close to a sell out) I am not alone in grabbing this opportunity by the bullhorns!

Jarrod Dickenson - 17th July 2019 - Boiler Shop Newcastle
Jarrod Dickenson – 17th July 2019 – Boiler Shop Newcastle

It’s an early show and the heavy summer rain ensure that everyone is sheltering in the venue enjoying a pint when support act Jarrod Dickenson and his wife Claire take to the stage for a rather humble and delightfully slow-paced set. Offering a sublime Americana, folk-tinged blues proving a perfect mellow start to the evening.

Kenny Wayne Shepard Band - 17th July 2019 - Boiler Shop Newcastle
Kenny Wayne Shepard Band – 17th July 2019 – Boiler Shop Newcastle

Kenny Wayne Shepherd is enough to draw in a crowd tonight but this is not just a Kenny show. He’s assembled a rather stunning lineup of musicians. In fact, it becomes quite a who is who of the blues-rock world! I’ll not go into the boring details but if you’re reading this I am sure you know who these chaps are and just how incredible a lineup it is.

They deliver a diverse range of songs, taking to the stage with a Women Like You, through to Turn to Stone. The evening seems to whizz by in the blink of an eye as they take to the stage for the encore. It’s a relatively short and succinct set, perhaps perfectly timed some might say. I was certainly left wanting more, although some of these types of shows can prove a marathon-esque task to get through. Not tonight, it’s a fast-paced pow-wow of a masterclass. Voodoo Chile ensures the guitar nerds get their fill of stunning playing with this massive and jaw-dropping version of the classic Hendrix song.

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FRANK TURNER | THE WILDHEARTS | 13.07.2019 | Wasteland Festival | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls | The Wildhearts | Holy Moly and The Crackers | Beans on Toast – 13th July 2019 – Wasteland Festival

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls – 12th July 2019 – Wasteland Festival

Review by Lee Hammond and photos by Graeme J Baty

The second day of Wasteland festival had also been moved at short notice, tonight though the venue feels significantly cooler than last nights sweat box. Arriving in time for local band Holy Moly and The Crackers, they set about starting the party as early as possible. A fun packed set as they entertain this exuberant early crowd with their own brand of folk punk. Bounding round the stage in enthusiastic fashion it sets a huge precedent for everyone who is to follow them.

From a local band of reprobates to a lone man, Beans On Toast slopes on to the stage to an excited reception. Straight into tearing a strip off Donald and Boris it’s clear Beans On Toast is in the mood for a party, he rattles off a plethora of his better known tracks including the chant-along MDMAmazing, which never fails to induce a brilliant reaction. He then offers it out to the audience to request tracks, only to find most of those they’re after he can’t play.

It provides a fun end to a brilliant set, completely different to those that went before him, yet still no less compelling. There is no set style or genre tonight as next up are local legends The Wildhearts, personally requested by Frank Turner to play a special hometown show tonight. They’re a band who waste very little time in chatting, instead it’s heads down for this short set as they crank out riff after riff and hit after hit.

It’s a jam packed set, early on the brilliant Everlone has a multitude of heads nodding along in unison. With the likes of Suckerpunch quickly following after, new track Let ‘Em Go sees Frank Turner hopping on stage and bounding around in suitably ecstatic fashion as he helps out with this track. They power through to the end of this insatiable set, you’d be forgiven for assuming they were tonight’s headliners with a set as tight as this.

As the lights dim for the final time at this years Wasteland festival, Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls file out on to the stage and immediately take the roof off with an astounding rendition of Get Better. It kick starts a hit filled set in which you can barely hear Frank and his band as Long Live The Queen, Photosynthesis, Polaroid Picture, Plain Sailing Weather all invoke massive sing-alongs.

There are few artists that can control a crowd in the way Frank Turner does, tonight he is on top form. Creating a circle pit, inciting deafening chants filled with heartfelt passion, for a moment it brings about that ecstatic feeling that takes you away from everything else. The odd track from Be More Kind softening the tone ever so slightly but he soon picks the pace back up.

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls – 12th July 2019 – Wasteland Festival

The end of his set is an exceptional run through some of his most angst filled work, The Next Storm, Try This At Home, Recovery, I Still Believe and finally the ever brilliant Four Simple Words. It’s insane from start to finish this crowd moving as one, bouncing up and down to every beat. All lead in song by Frank, it is truly a sight to behold as we leave hoarse wishing it wasn’t over. Once again Frank Turner proving why he is one of the finest live acts in the country if not the world.

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BLOC PARTY | CIRCA WAVES | MYSTERY JETS | 12.07.2019 | Wasteland Festival | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Bloc Party | Circa Waves | Mystery Jets – 12th July 2019 – Wasteland Festival

Review by Lee Hammond and photos by Graeme J Baty

Bloc Party – 12th July 2019 – Wasteland Festival

After moving venue at the last minute, the show must go on and tonight the O2 Academy Newcastle throws its doors open to a horde of people expecting the best in nostalgic mid noughties indie. Opening the show The Mystery Jets kick things off to a lively start, their excitable style mixed with infectious choruses has everyone up and dancing. Their set mainly filled with newer tracks but the appearance of Young Love is a welcome addition to this short set.

Continuing on a theme of insatiable groove ridden choruses and spritely Indie Rock, Circa Waves hit the stage next. The relatively young band sandwiched between two stalwarts of the indie scene, they put on an excitable set. They appear to be as excited as everyone else, it’s not long before they have the ever-swelling crowd in full verse. Frontman Kieran is quick to get everyone clapping and singing as best as he can.

The likes of Fossils and Stuck in my Teeth are instant highlights in this energetic set, but they save the best until last. Finishing off in style with a riotous rendition of T-Shirt Weather, which has this entire crowd in song. An impressive way to finish any set, as they set this now packed out crowd up for Bloc Party.

As the lights dim, the band make their way on to the stage to a rapturous reception from this packed crowd. The heat inside the venue is soaring as outside the rain continues to pour (I bet you’re glad it’s been moved inside now). Opening with Compliments, the band have opted for a different take on playing their debut album in full, where most bands would play from start to finish.

Bloc Party decide to play from the end through to the beginning, it’s a slow build as the first few tracks lack the energy of the hits that otherwise litter the album. However, they hit their stride during This Modern Love and from there they’re firing on all cylinders. Hit after hit follows, you really cannot fault Bloc Party on this occasion, Blue Light, Banquet, Helicopter, Like Eating Glass everything sounds exceptional.

There is the obvious miss of the fact that this isn’t the original lineup but that matters less and less as Kele’s signature style permeates throughout the venue. Leaving the stage after the main event they return for a few tracks mainly those from Weekend In The City, all of which are welcome additions to this blistering set. Hunting For Witches and The Prayer are obvious favourites as they cap off an incredible set in style.

STEREOLAB | 20.06.2019 | Newcastle Boiler Shop | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Stereolab – 20th June 2019 – Boiler Shop

Review by Lee Hammond Photos by Gavin Wyatt

After a decade away the much loved Stereolab have finally returned, and so far on their tour they’ve wowed crowds across the UK and Europe. As they arrive in Newcastle tonight there is an excitement tinged with tension in the air, after the band had to cancel the previous two shows on the tour. However, the show tonight is still to go ahead, opening are Tomaga whose motoric beats quickly hypnotise this crowd into synchronised toe-tapping.

The duos incessant beats set the tempo for the rest of the night, the only issue being the pair seem to have one set groove and don’t deviate from that. It means that their set feels a bit flat, fortunately the same cannot be said for Stereolab who are welcomed to the stage with a rapturous reception by the packed crowd. Opening with Come and Play in the Milky Night they instantly have the crowd under their spell. Lætitia Sadier taking time out to thank the crowd in between songs as they erupt when she announces French Disko early in the bands set.

This set is packed with classic tracks and this is the first that invokes a huge sing-along from the entire crowd. These classic tracks making everyone swoon, the beautiful disco beats ringing out throughout the beautiful venue as the sun sets outside. The likes of Miss Modular and Ping Pong have similar effects on this crowd, both are tracks which prove why Stereolab have been lauded as so influential. Both tracks sound absolutely incredible tonight and have everyone dancing.

It’s rare in such a miserable and divided world to see such jubilation and excitement filling a room, but Stereolab achieve this with relative ease tonight. As their set builds to a climax the tracks become increasingly emphatic before they close out with Lo Boob Oscillator, this wonderful track caps off their set brilliantly. It’s euphoric tone enthusing the crowd the bouncing beats providing the perfect close to their set, which at times felt like a slow burn but in actual fact this was perfect as they gently ramped up the tempo to this amazing finish.

They use a similar tactic for the encore opening with The Extension Trip and closing out the night with the awesome John Cage Bubblegum. Tonight Stereolab are truly out of this world, a truly welcome return!

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THIS IS TOMORROW FESTIVAL | MAY 2019 | Newcastle Exhibition Park | REVIEW

This is Tomorrow Festival – May 2019 – Newcastle Exhibition Park

Review by Lee Hammond

Unlike the majority of the country Newcastle has long lacked a real festival, the recent growth of Hit The North and the first edition of This is Tomorrow showed the appetite for a festival in the North East. This years This is Tomorrow festival boasted a varied lineup with something for everyone, taking over exhibition park, just walking in you get the feel of your traditional British festival. Music blasting from all angles, a plethora of food stalls and bars, heading straight over to the Richard Hamilton stage local favourites A Festival, A Parade are just starting.

Their own brand of indie rock is the perfect way to start any evening at a festival. With nods to the likes of Mogwai and The Twilight Sad, it’s safe to say that they blow any early cobwebs away with this emphatic set. It’s dark and heavy yet pitched against the early evening sunshine it’s the perfect opening. Following on from this Nothing But Thieves are next up on the Graham Wylie Foundation stage.

With the majority of the crowd within the park at the time they’re all eagerly awaiting the arrival of Nothing But Thieves. It’s an excitable and enthusiastic set with the whole crowd singing along at the tops of their voices a sea of pogoing heads in front of us. For the band it’s their first show in a while but one which is met with an ecstatic reception. The likes of Sorry, Trip Switch and Wake Up Call are all firm favourites in this brilliant set.

Next up though are by far one of the liveliest bands on the entire lineup, Groundculture set about thrilling the crowd on the BBC Introducing stage. This intense and urgent set is something to behold as they tear through it at breakneck speed, their own brand of Rap Metal is greeted by an upbeat crowd. One of whom deciding to throw his shoe (which bounced off me), it’s a set filled with riffs and anger but one which is met with complete unbridled joy from the crowd as Groundculture add to this immensely diverse lineup.

Back over on the Richard Hamilton stage are Anteros who’ve recently released their debut album. It’s a sultry set with singer Laura Hayden initially teasing a security guard looking for a reaction. Unfortunately he remains stoic, the rest of their set is awash with upbeat tracks like Drive On and Breakfast providing the perfect antidote after the madness of Groundculture. They’re certainly a band on the up and this will not be the last we hear of these guys.
Closing out the BBC Introducing stage on day one are one of the finest bands around, Avalanche Party appear to be on the cusp of finally breaking through (although that has been said many times before). As they take to the stage an excited swarm of people gather around the stage in anticipation of a typically raucous set and they do not disappoint. Their heavy tracks underpinning Jordan’s vocals as he baits the crowd up on the barrier he towers over them. It’s a set that is without doubt one of the best of the day, every track loud and angry. They’ve honed their craft and deserve a huge break and yet again tonight they have undoubtedly won over a number of new fans.

Foals take to the stage to close out day one of This is Tomorrow, it’s an ecstatic and fervent set from the start as they open with On the Luna. Before quickly diving into the likes of Snake Oil and Olympic Airways, it’s a set which has the whole crowd screaming and bouncing along throughout. The band hit their stride early on and continue to ignite this crowd with every track, during Spanish Sahara there is an issue with one of the barriers in front of the stage. With a short break the band return to play In Degrees but the festival deem it not safe to continue with Foals set. In our collective minds this is the correct course of action, safety should always come first and is certainly the right move on this occasion.

So despite this ending on day one, day two at This is Tomorrow still goes ahead with yet another slew of top bands slated to appear. Arriving in time for Glasvegas, the Glaswegian rockers are just taking to the stage, in the main it is a set filled with tracks from their early days which is welcomed by this already packed crowd. The likes of Daddy’s Gone and Go Square Go providing the perfect anthems to get this rain-soaked crowd into the festival spirit.

Another Scottish band are next to take to the stage only this time on the Richard Hamilton stage. The Snuts are fast becoming a name to watch and judging by the sizeable crowd that has fathered they’ve already made an impact in Newcastle. With the crowd jumping along and singing back every word it proves to be a riotous romp in the mud for the Scottish quartet keeping the party going on this miserable afternoon.

On the Graham Wylie Foundation stage next though are the always brilliant Ride, in some ways it feels only right that the sky is still overcast with the rain unrelenting. Opening with Leave Them All Behind this ever filling crowd immediately join in, it’s a set which really cannot be faulted with tracks like Vapour Trail and Kill Switch providing the soundtrack to this soaked afternoon in Exhibition Park. Ride are without doubt one of the bands of the day though on day two of This is Tomorrow.

The next band on the Graham Wylie Foundation stage provide one of the surprises of the day. Editors have always had a reputation for exciting live sets, however, today they appear to take it to a new level. In a set laden with older material they have this crowd in full voice, singing along to the likes of Blood, Papillon and An End Has A Start. Add into that new track Frankenstein and they put on an exceptional show, in amongst all of these other bands today they really shine through with this performance and it appears to be a real return to form.

Swine Tax are next up on the BBC Introducing stage and with the weather brightening its a politically charged and anger filled set from these guys. The likes of Tory Water is a particular highlight as they thrilled an enthralled crowd. They are certainly one of the best bands that the North East has to offer right now and today’s performance just compounds that statement!

The only criminally under attended set of the day though is Pip Blom’s (it almost definitely has something to do with it clashing with The Vaccines). Her set of vibrant grunge-tinged punk is as ever scintillating and exciting, her and her band always appear to be having the best time and even with a small crowd she still thrills everyone. It’s a brilliant set that is fuelled by tracks from her yet to be released debut album. For those who were there they will surely attest to how brilliant and upbeat this set was. Pip Blom is certainly a star of tomorrow and we cannot wait to hear more from her in the very near future.

Closing out day two of This is Tomorrow is one of the undisputed kings of Brit Pop Mr Noel Gallagher. Taking to the stage with his High Flying Birds, the whole crowd erupts as he kicks straight into Fort Knox. His solo material is a complete step away from Oasis and a welcome change, sonically it is so much more interesting and exciting and this shows through in the early part of the set with the likes of Holy Mountain and She Taught Me To Fly really shining through early on.

However, it would be a huge miss for him not to delve into the Oasis back catalogue and he indulges this packed crowd with the likes of Talk Tonight and Little By Little. The sound of the crowd outweighs the band hugely during these moments. More solo material is then followed by a huge section of Oasis classics, leading to Gallagher saying it’s like being in the greatest karaoke bar in the world. The likes of Wonderwall, Stop Crying Your Heart Out and Don’t Look Back in Anger providing an immense way to end the second day of This is Tomorrow.

With the return of the sun comes day three, after an incredible closing set the night before hopes are high for the final day. Embrace take to the stage with a set packed with some of their biggest tracks particularly Gravity which is met with an almost deafening singalong. As well as Ashes it’s a feel good set to kick the final day off and sets us up for everything else that is to come.

The next act on the Graham Wylie Foundation stage was arguably one of the most talked about artists in the UK right now. Lewis Capaldi is the name on everyone’s lips right now, whether it be for his music or his Instagram presence. The incredibly funny singer bounds on to the This is Tomorrow stage to a heroes welcome. Launching himself down the ramp in a ‘Naomi Campbell’ style munch to the delight of his fans. His set though is incredibly impressive, when you remove the daft behaviour and boil it down to his music alone he deserves all of the hype. His short but brilliant set is definitely one of the best of the weekend!

Continuing what they dub Scottish hour The Lafontaines are next to take to the Richard Hamilton stage. It’s a completely different musical affair one which is significantly more intense and fervent. One thing that must be said for The Lafontaines though is they certainly know how to build a crowd, with singer Kerr Okan our in the crowd enticing more people in and it works a treat. Quickly amassing a huge crowd as they continue Scottish hour in style. Their forceful set really sets them apart from the rest of this lineup as they win over a bunch of new fans this afternoon.

Johnny Marr needs no introduction nor hype and his set today is faultless. Wondering down the ramp with his Fender Jaguar, holding it aloft much to the delight of this entire crowd. It’s a mixture of his own material and The Smiths much like Noel the night before it is all met with emphatic singalongs, the likes of Bigmouth Strikes Again and This Charming Man will undoubtedly be years for miles around. Equally the likes of Getting Away With It and Hi Hello are also personal favourites. Marr himself seeming appreciative of the crowds enthusiasm and involvement in his set. Without doubt one of the best sets this weekend by far.

Closing out the weekend are the Stereophonics with another set filled with crowd pleasers. The likes of Step On My Old Size Nines, Maybe Tomorrow and Handbags and Gladrags are all well received and at that point we decide to call it a night. This is Tomorrow has well and truly shone this year an excellent festival throughout with such a wide range of bands with countless highlights. We cannot wait to do it all again next year!

ROISIN MURPHY | 19.05.2019 | Newcastle Boiler Shop | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Roisin Murphy – 19th May 2019 – Newcastle Boiler Shop

Review by Lee Hammond. Photos by Victoria Wai

As a precursor to her slew of festival shows in the weeks and months ahead, Roisin Murphy decided to warm up for these in Newcastle. Opening tonight are duo Audiobooks, the pair initially don’t strike you as a typical duo and their music reflects that. Acclaimed and in demand producer David Wrench’s beats are crisp and clean, and they sound particularly pleasing in this wonderful venue. However, the same cannot be said for the bewildering Evangeline Ling whose vocals rather than enhancing the beats they sit atop, instead fail to enthuse.

Their sound is definitely unique but perhaps not in the right way, the culmination of their set sees Wrench shredding through a plethora of riffs whilst Ling screeches through the final track. The build up to Roisin Murphy’s set starts the best part of fifteen minutes before she even takes to the stage, a palette cleansing drone that slowly builds accompanied by looping visuals. As the lights dim and the band take the stage, Murphy makes her grand entrance opening with House Of Glass. This heavy number setting the tone for what is to come.

It’s a night of many costume changes, Murphy’s on stage wardrobe is truly impressive. Personal favourites Demon Lover and Ten Miles High featuring early in this superb set. However, by far the best costume and accompanied song is Plaything, as Murphy carries her silver ‘plaything’ around the stage. Sparking a significant crowd reaction as she twirls it around, it’s not just about that however as the song itself is particularly vibrant and packed with unbridled energy.

That is true of most of this fervent set, with Murphy barely stopping to draw breath the majority of the time. Without doubt she is in incredible form tonight, closing out her set with Overpowered and Flash Of Light you cannot help but be overcome by her style and manner. She has this crowd hanging off her every word, as they dance their night away. Roisin Murphy proves without a doubt how truly brilliant she is tonight with this insanely impressive set, it’s predominantly effortless her costume changes her relentless excitement all of which rubs off on to this elated crowd.


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