EDWYN COLLINS | ASTRID | 04.09.2019 | Newcastle Boiler Shop | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Edwyn Collins – 4th September 2019 – Newcastle Boiler Shop

Review by Lee Hammond. Photos by Graeme J. Baty 

Edwyn Collins continues to put out some of the most exquisite music around, with every album he provides incessantly infectious tracks. Badbea is no different and tonight is the opportunity for him to bring that album to life in the always wonderful surroundings of the Boiler Shop. Astrid open the show with an equally catchy set, their hook-laden tracks are almost instant earworms and cannot be faulted.

Their short set certainly has a positive effect and paves the way for the brilliant Edwyn Collins to follow. Opening with new track Outside he wastes little time in getting stuck in, with stand out track Losing Sleep following close behind. There is an enthusiasm and passion that underpins this set, Edwyn is in his usual playful mood promising that many of these tracks are the ‘good’ ones.

The fact of the matter is there isn’t really a bad track throughout his set, there are a slew of Orange Juice tracks peppered throughout this set. These tracks still pack a punch today, with the likes of What Presence? And I Guess I’m Just A Little Too Sensitive both featuring early on. Of course A Girl Like You also goes down a storm with this packed audience.

The latter part of the set is where he really lights it up, with the likes of Rip It Up uniting the entire crowd in song as well as Don’t Shilly Shally which also inspires a similar sing-along. Returning for the encore it’s not difficult to feel the love for this man as it permeates throughout the room.

He closes out with the title track of his latest album Badbea and follows that with the brilliant Falling and Laughing, it rounds off a perfectly balanced set which is filled with many of his finest tracks. Tonight Edwyn Collins is truly on top form, and still proving what a wonderful songwriter he truly is.


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