Edinburgh  Street Photography

I popped up to Edinburgh for a gig at the lovely Usher Hall. Arriving at the station too early I decided to do a spot of street photography around Waverley to pass the time 🙂

I only had my Canon 80d and a Sigma 105 macro lens with me but it still got great results!


The National – Edinburgh Usher Hall July 2014 – PHOTOS

The National
Edinburgh Usher Hall July 2014

Amazing show, and some cheeky audience shots 🙂 Best I’ve ever seen The National!

The National - Edinburgh 2014

The National – Edinburgh 2014

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We Are Knuckle Dragger – Bannermans Edinburgh Oct 2014 – PHOTOS

We Are Knuckle Dragger
Bannermans Edinburgh Oct 2014

Back on the road with my favourite noisy dudes. This time they hit Edinburgh at the legendary Bannermans venue for a support slot for Certain Death.

We Are Knuckle Dragger - Oct 14

We Are Knuckle Dragger – Oct 14

Another exclusive, now they have a full lineup! Following the amicable departure (both are heading off to do grown up things) of long serving and amazing rhythm section. A tall order for anyone to step into. Joey and Aidan along with mainman Aran complete now complete the all new WAKD, and I can assure you they still sound amazing. New material is well in progress and we were lucky to be treated to a new track tonight. Anyway less waffle, more pictures…

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Certain Death – Bannermans Edinburgh Oct 2014 – PHOTOS

Certain Death
Bannermans Edinburgh Oct 2014

This lot are bloody brilliant!

Certain Death - Edinburgh Oct 2014

Certain Death – Edinburgh Oct 2014

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Lords of Bastard – Band of the month September 2014 – INTERVIEW

Band of the month – September 2014 – Lords of Bastard

This month we have a rather awesome bunch of Scottish noise makers. I’ve seen these guys more than I’ve seen most Newcastle bands and they are simply fantastic. Offering up highly crafted songs with a unique blend of sludge, grunge, fuzzy stoner rock and with a healthy dose of humour.

I caught up with them for a chat and a quick photo opportunity whilst they played the annual Doomsday festival which is organised by Newcastle legends Druganaut (who also played a stunning set). Fantastic line-up this year, Karma to Burn, Desert Storm, Sapien and Bhang to name a few, most certainly the best Doomsday to date. I’d been raving about LoB’s slot here for months as a must see! They did not disappoint, proving to be one of the highlights of the day. Their 2012 album Cuddles was one of my albums of that year, and still gets regular rotation. A new EP is in the works and we were treated to some gems today. Utterly stunning performance with the revised line-up. As a pal said to me after the show ‘Boy are they F*****g great!! You weren’t over selling them at all!”. Which I think sums up the experience of LoB in concert perfectly – an awesome, thrilling, memorable, kick in the pants experience!

I caught up with Mike and Tam for a wee chat…

For those that don’t know you… who are you, where are you based? 

we are….. Lords Of Bastard, from Edinburgh, up in that Scotland.

What got you started in music?

The same as most, boredom, mainly.

We’re all kind of motivated to make music in a similar way, what we think are the right reasons, whatever they might be.

Where did the band name come from?

Well, it was really just a pisstake of some of the sillier “heavy metal” names. We never really set out to be a “metal” band I suppose so it was just a laugh at making yourself sound big and scary, when really it’s just some drugged out goofy idiots. It’s probably pretty easy for people to see the name though and think it’s some black metal band or something.

Any rejected names?

Lots, all equally as stupid really.

What are your plans for the immediate future and any long term goals?

We’ve just finished recording 4 tracks that we plan to release as an EP at some point in the next few months. Hopefully that will be a vinyl release with a computer friendly digital machine version too. It’s basically a stop-gap between the last album and the next one, which we plan to start recording towards the end of this year.

Apart from that just gigging as much as possible, a few dates in the works down in that England for September and October, and will play anywhere else that’ll have us. (We’re really nice and almost fully domesticated).

Long term, we’re always working on loads of new stuff, and have loads of ideas for recordings and noises/gear we want to use, so it’s just finding the time to get everything done. There’s a lot of different recording styles and techniques we’d like to explore, and being on such limited budgets all the time it’s hard to have the luxury of being fussy about recording and studio time etc.

Best gig memory?

I always find it hard to remember anything about a set after playing. I think some of the support slots we’ve been fortunate enough to get have been some of the best gig memories. In particular playing with Stinking Lizaveta from Philadelphia. We’ve played with them three times i think now since 2007, and they’re always the nicest people to speak to, and a completely amazing band.

Biggest disaster?

Ha. Hard to pick one. Seeing the stage being dismantled, all the backline and PA being put away, right before we were about to play our first gig over in California a few years ago springs to mind. That got sorted out and the gig went ahead, and turned out to be a belter, but not before a guitar amp stack fell over and pinned me to the floor!

How do you feel about your local music scene?

Well, i’m not sure that scenes are always a positive thing, but regardless there’s lots of good bands and musicians kicking about up here, and Edinburgh being pretty small it definitely contributes to the ‘community’ vibe which can be really cool and inspiring, sometimes.

Anything particular that impresses?

Big favourites for us currently, band-wise, are Vasquez, Secta Rouge, Sapien, Wall (who do a pretty excellent version of 21st century schizoid man!), Gastric Band, loads more that we should really remember.

Have you heard of…. The Proclaimers?……..

Next show?

Our next gig is on Sept 13th at an all dayer, split between two venues in the old-town area of Edinburgh. Both venues are fairly small, damp, stone basements which are allegedly haunted! An ideal location. Great for a family day out!

Where can people find out more?

Best place to keep in touch with us is on the Facebooks, and now again on them Twitters.


Here is some great noise for your ears



I’m making it my mission to go see them on their home turf at some point next year. I’m sure they’ll be back down here as Newcastle loves them and I reckon it’s a mutual appreciation!

Here’s a few pics from the Doomsday event.

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