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Newcastle upon Tyne based budget friendly professional photography services.

About our prices

We believe in no nonsense pricing, a fair price for the job. Prices are estimated based on two factors; time spent on location/travelling and time editing. It is a one-time payment, you will own the photos/videos. All images are provided as high-resolution downloads and include Copyright ownership so you can use them for anything you wish.

Photography prices

Gig photography

Unsigned band deal. Gig photos £50 per band.

Newcastle upon Tyne area. Outside Newcastle travel expenses may be applicable.

Signed and cover bands. Gig photos £250 per band + any agreed expenses (travel, accom, etc).

Band promo photography

Unsigned band deal. £70 for the 1st hour and an extra £20 per hour over that. We shoot fast, so an hour is usually more than enough 🙂

If outside of Newcastle expenses may be applicable

Signed and cover bands. £300 + any agreed expenses if outside of Newcastle (travel, accom, etc).


See here for current packages.

Special events

£50 per hour + 25% per hour editing time.

Example; 2 hour shoot would cost £100 + 25% Total payable would be £125

Portraits (family or business)

Location shoot

£50 per hour

Studio – Our studio in Heaton NE6

£60 per hour


Flat fee £20 per product.

Food/drink and commercial

£50 per hour + 25% per hour editing time.

Example; 2 hour shoot would cost £100 + 25% Total payable would be £125

Video Prices

Live sessions

HD video and audio from £170. Head here for info and prices

Music video and documentaries

Expect to budget around £70 per hour for footage and or £25 per hour for video editing. Head here for info

RAW footage Service

Video – £45 per hour
Photo – £35 per hour

Ask for a quote

We can find a price that’s right for you. Send us some info on your requirements and we’ll get back to you

Newcastle upon Tyne, professional photography and video services on a budget.