Blank Slate Creative RAW footage service – PHOTO and VIDEO

RAW video and photo service

Just want the footage? Provide us with memory cards and we’ll get the shots you need and hand them back to you at the end of the shoot

  • Photographer £45 per hour
  • Videographer £50 per hour

The nerdy info

Files are shot in JPEG, Canon RAW (.cr2) and FUJI RAW (.raf). Videos in mov/mp4

Staff equipment. We can use your gear if preferred.

  • Canon 5d Mark III
  • Canon 80d
  • Canon 60d
  • Fuji Xpro1
  • DJI Phantom 3 (handheld Steadicam shots only. Flight shots not available commercially)

Memory Cards

Sandisk SD: 16GB £20 per memory card which you can keep (or provide us with your own and we’ll give them back to you at the end of the day).
There is no limit on how many photos you’ll get. Typically expect around 100 per hour.