Using images from this website (FAQ)

Please drop us an email if you’d like to use any of our images. We don’t bite 🙂 We’re happy to have our images out there in the real world, but it’s always nice to know where they are used. Please include the image ref (e.g. 20151101), filename or direct URL to help speed up the process.

Conditions of image usage
Images are created with logos as default and are free to use only with permission and must not altered.

Please note: Images without our branding are not available for free usage.

Need high quality unbranded images?
High resolution downloads, without branding are also available on request. Email; or message us using the contact form above. Images may be subject to a small fee covering admin, online storage and a copyright waiver. All funds from this go towards keeping this website free from annoying adverts 🙂

Please note: Blank Slate Creative Photography retain the Copyright to all images on unless stated otherwise.