THE TWILIGHT SAD | MAN OF MOON | 21.10.2019 | Newcastle University | REVIEW and PHOTOS

The Twilight Sad | Man of Moon – 21st October 2019 – Newcastle University

The Twilight Sad - Live in Newcastle 2019. Graeme J Baty

Review by Lee Hammond and photos by Graeme J. Baty 

After a lengthy absence from the city, The Twilight Sad are set to make a triumphant return on this cold Monday evening. There is a palpable tension which permeates throughout the room, as an already healthy crowd watch in in awe of Man Of Moon. A band who’ve continually impressed, their ability to make such an incredible noise and being just a duo is astounding.

Tonight is absolutely no different as they provide a ferocious and exciting opening set, the frenetic and dark riffs set against a heavy back beat come thick and fast. Unrelenting are times, the perfect way to start tonight. Taking to the stage The Twilight Sad waste very little time in thrilling the packed crowd. The somber tones of [10 Good Reasons For Modern Drugs] kicking things off with a bang.

James Graham I’m typically exuberant form as he feels every bit of pain conveyed in the lyrics. Sauntering around the stage exuding passion and angst throughout, the band are apologetic for not coming back to the city. All of which is quickly forgotten as they continue with rousing renditions of tracks like VTr and I/m Not Here [Missing Face]. Both of which are from the bands exceptional latest album It Won’t Be Like This All The Time. Tonight’s set focuses around it and live it is truly something else, The Twilight Sad are just one of those bands whom you cannot help but be enthralled by.

Tonight is absolutely no different the latter part of the set becomes increasingly impassioned, these songs are often hard listens at best due to the often upsetting content. However, James captures you with his performance and his ability to convey these themes is second to none, particularly during tracks like Cold Days From the Birdhouse, which never fail to overpower you.

One track which leaves very few dry eyes though is a cover of Frightened Rabbit’s Keep Yourself Warm. The Twilight Sad do this song justice every time they play it, but it is still a difficult listen but tonight hearing an entire crowd sing every word back reminds you of the incredible impact that Frightened Rabbit had on so many people. Whilst tonight was a long time coming The Twilight Sad were at their best ever, this packed crowd loved every minute of it. The passion, the power, and the angst all free flowing throughout you really could not fault them.


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