BATS | Alter Nature | ALBUM REVIEW

BATS | Alter Nature | Album review

Review by: Graeme J Baty

Alter Nature is the band’s third album and their first release in seven years. Summoning the Demon makes for a dramatic album opener with its Blacklisters vibe it proves strong a highlight of the record. It marks the bands welcome return in a fashion you can’t argue with. It instantly sucks you into their universe and pummels you with it’s deep throbbing tones.

Ergot is another standout track and the second track to be released following the arguably weaker Old Hitler, I failed to connect with that track but thankfully Ergot proves much more engaging. Family Planning continues the trend. It’s hard not to adore the depth of layers of instruments they’ve piled into the tracks. I think there is a lot to this album that will require multiple listens to fully appreciate.

What drew me into this band was the delightful resemblance to one of my all-time favourite bands; Man Or Astroman? The dialogue samples particularly evoke fond memories of their EEVIAC period releases. BATS conjure that sci-fi rock stomp, albeit much less surf guitar-focused but bringing in their own pop-tinged punk hooks that prove irresistible. The nine unrelenting tracks that form Alter Nature manage to fascinate, both with the lyrical subject matter and musical prowess.

Alter Nature is out now!

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