The Wildhearts | Diagnosis | Album review

wildhearts - diagnosis

Review by: Graeme J Baty

Rarely a reformation can be justified as more than a cash grab and offer up music that lives up to the original material. The Wildhearts have managed to pull that rare feat off and have surprised many with their hugely popular return LP Renaissance Men. They’ve had a fantastic 2019 and with a bolstered by that momentum and they returned to the studio to record a handful of tracks. Those tracks have become the mini-LP Diagnosis, it’s a very welcome surprise and finds them taking full advantage of their top creative form and adding five new songs to their already impressive back catalogue.

The title track is plucked from their last LP and quite rightly deserves it’s own time under the spotlight, quite easy to miss it in an album packed with outstanding tracks. It begins as a 70s style stadium fist in the air anthem and builds into an inestimable earworm. The song has crept into my sub-conscience and I’ve found myself singing it for the last few weeks! It’s another fine example of Ginger’s songwriting skills. I really commend him for his openness with his depression battles, it certainly helped me get through an incredibly difficult time in my life. Perhaps this is why I’ve connected so much with this track, it gives you that uplifting PMA that is absolutely essential on those bad days.

God Damn offers up that unmistakeable fantastic CJ/Ginger vocal combo for a delightful pop-tinged rock song. Giving you a good feel for what is to come for the rest of the album. That’s My Girl sees Ritch taking vocal duties and it’s an absolute classic, which wouldn’t feel out of place on Earth vs. LOCAC brings things to an abrupt and brutal ending. Leaving you wanting more. Diagnosis is a short, fast-paced, no-nonsense affair it’s over in under 23 minutes but makes for a perfect companion to Renaissance Men.

The Wildhearts in whatever shape or form are a band to be reckoned with and 2019 has certainly been their year. Two stunning releases, sold-out shows and countless festivals. Long live The Wildhearts!

Out on 4th Oct 2019

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