KISS | 14.07.2019 | Newcastle Arena | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Kiss – 14th July 2019 – Newcastle Arena


By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

“Aaaalllll Riggghhhht Nooocastle, You Wanted The Best …You Got The Best …The Hottest Band In The World … KISS!” And with that, all familiar announcement and a deafening barrage of pyro, the curtain drops and the Newcastle junction of The End Of The Road Tour is underway !!

The band that set the stage show bar high from their inception pulled out all the stops making sure that this final fling was going to be something that will be remembered for a long long time
The all familiar Detroit Rock City gets us underway with the band coming down from the rafters on platforms to the deafening roar of the Geordie Kiss Army. Of course, there’s flames, fireworks, lasers, more flames (so so hot at the front!!!) and jump out of your skin flash bombs in that opener than most bands could fit into a full tour and they weren’t done by a long way !!!
An absolute hit-filled set taken from 13 of their albums ( mostly KISS & Destroyer ) with the likes of the classic Shout It Out Loud, Calling Dr Love, later releases Say Yeah and Psycho Circus all held together by the master of frontmen Paul Stanley standing tall in those heels with every single member of that audience in the palm of his hand !! .

There are families here that have grown up on KISS music and many have brought their kids to see their first gig and what a way to start! It’s an absolute joy just looking around and seeing all ages here and so many of them “dressed to kill” for the occasion

Every song is a show stopper whether it’s Tommy firing rockets from his guitar during Cold Gin or Genes Fire Breathing And Blood spilling from the rafters there is simply something to make you go WOW with every note.

But unlike a lot of other stage shows this doesn’t detract from the songs Let Me Go Rock N Roll, Deuce, Lick it Up still get the crowd singing their hearts out every word! And the band themselves are absolutely on top form !! In fact quite possibly the best I’ve seen them in a very long time.

Paul Stanley still has all the moves and puts a lot of younger lads, me included, to shame with his onstage antics culminating in an arena length zip wire trip to the sound desk to belt out Love Gun and I Was Made For Loving You to the delight of those who had only seen him close up on the giant screens till then !!

It’s gonna be weird if this is definitely the end of the road as KISS have been a mainstay in the rock world and seen off so many naysayers especially here in the UK where they went from arenas and ice rinks, back to city halls ( mentioned numerous times tonight) then to festivals and arenas again ! So many bands exist solely because KISS caught their imagination I was once at a festival they were playing and every single band on the bill, and I’m talking big metal bands, were like giddy kids cos they were on the bill with KISS it was just crazy!!

The first encore is the only ballad of the night with Eric at the piano for Beth and there’s still something to be said for hearing thousands of voices singing along and lighting the place up with their phones

The night comes to a spectacular close with the anthem Rock N Roll All Night and the confetti cannon spewing out so much of the stuff I actually thought it was possibly broken, couldn’t see the stage through the blizzard of it at one point !!! And with that it’s done KISS LOVES YOU NEWCASTLE beams down from the screen and folk are still standing soaking in what they can of the last KISS show many of them may see.

A lot of my friends had spoken pre-gig of how they expected tears but to be honest they put on such an absolutely fantastic farewell all there were huge smiles everywhere I looked
I can honestly say if that turns out to be the last big show I photograph and write my thoughts on I can’t really complain Gene, Paul, Tommy, Eric, KISS, thank you in all your incarnations!!!


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