PILE | Green and Gray | ALBUM REVIEW

Pile | Green and Gray | Album review

Review by: Graeme J. Baty

Pile return with Green and Gray bringing a softer edge, yet retaining their distinctive alternative-rock guitar god sound. Lead singles Hair and even Bruxist Grin hint at a mellower approach but don’t be fooled there are some moments of sheer intensity that will send shivers up your spine.

Pile have managed to carve their own distinctive sound, the type that proliferated 90s alternative scene, just damn fine guitar-based music that has in recent years has fallen out of favour. It’s not unreasonable to compare them to Built To Spill, bringing elements of Shellac chaos and Jesus Lizard hooks or maybe even some Pavement. Fans of said bands will find a comfortable home with this music and also that they have discovered one of the USA’s best-kept secrets. Pile have been around since the mid-2000s and have built a following and reputation with their previous six albums.

Firewood is a slow building opener, seemingly confirming my suspicions that this might be a chilled record. Those suspicions are happily crushed on the following track; Your Performance a complex math-rock-esque stomper.

On a Bigger Screen brings pure venom and throat ripping performance from Rick Maguire and gives confirmation that the album will not be a slow plodder. This is fantastic stuff! A Labyrinth With No Center brings a lush singalong anthem that twists, distorts and delights.

The Soft Hands of Stephen Miller is another colossal vocal performance of sheer ferocity and anger at the hypocrisy of the subject matter, to the point where you can imagine his vocal cords being permanently damaged. It’s an incredible performance beautifully captured by the engineer. The mid part of the record is a riotous affair and shows them at their strongest.

No Hands brings the record full circle to a mellow close. It’s an incredibly well-written record and masterfully sequenced. They are truly the new kings of alternative rock.

Available via Bandcamp and the usual outlets with a vinyl version coming soon pile.bandcamp.com/album/green-and-gray 

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