HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD | LOATHE | 30.04.2019 | Newcastle O2 Academy | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Hollywood Undead | Loathe – 30th April 2019 – Newcastle O2 Academy

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

Hitting the stage in almost total darkness, Loathe came out and aurally kicked everyone’s head in!!! I had heard beforehand they were brutal but that didn’t prepare me for just how much! The five-piece performed the set with very little light on them making sure the Hollywood Undead audience sat up and listened! I loved how they managed to move from the heaviest of riffs to beautiful almost Deftones ambient melodies with ease! Definitely, ones to watch!

With the bottles of Newcastle Brown readied on the mic stands, headliners Hollywood Undead come out blazing with the back to back Whatever It Takes and California Dreaming from the V album and setting the bar early with the pyro front and rear stage second song in!

The masks are gone now but that doesn’t seem to matter to this sold-out crowd, many of whom are sporting their own anyway, as they bounce about and sing along to Undead, Renegade, Dead Bite and many more!

With their mash-up of Rock and Rap styles, there are bits of Linkin Park meets Eminem meets ICP meets Rammstein in here which makes a lot of the songs easy on first listen to catch on to

Band members bound about the stage swapping guitars and playing keys and samplers atop the risers with seemingly endless energy it’s hard to keep tabs on who’s doing what but it works well for them well thought out not chaotic the way it could easily be with so many on stage doing this. The bringing a crowd member on stage to play guitar seems a standard move at gigs these days but fair play to “Ben” he can play pretty well and the band kick in with a verse or two of Sweet Child Of Mine when he plays the intro then jams with the band and throws all the shapes during Comin’ In Hot!

Pyro, confetti/streamer cannons are accompanying the songs through the night not just being held back for finales or encore time so by the time the set ends with Broken Record and Here Me Now the air is akin to a festival with the smell of the fireworks lingering! The crowd take up the chant of “Everywhere I Go …” to get them back out for more which they oblige with said song of the chant and finishing on the guitar-driven Day of the Dead.

Exactly a week before this Papa Roach also played to a packed room here and I noticed many many of the same faces here tonight going just as crazy loving it!
It’s great seeing gigs of any genre doing well keeping the music scene healthy in our city.


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Images Copyright Gordon Armstrong. For permission to use these images please contact G’s Gig Shots

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