Light Conductor | Sequence One | Album review

Light Conductor - Sequence One album

Review by: Graeme J. Baty

Light conductor consists of a duo of accomplished musicians; Stephen Ramsay (Young Galaxy) and Jace Lasek (The Besnard Lakes). Sequence One is their first album and I was intrigued to hear more.

I’ve been leading quite a stressful and hectic life thus far in 2019, this album has been on my iPod for a couple of months and it’s been a lovely soothing retreat from the world. I’ve struggled to put into writing exactly what this album means to me. Perhaps it’s more for a feeling than a thought. That is the magical thing about music, maybe it doesn’t need to be explained but just allowed to wash over you and embrace your very being. It’s mentally soothing and pleasant. Light Conductor is mood music, soundscapes of simple composition that feel like a journey to some unknown star light years away.

A Bright Resemblance starts the record with a simple theme, repeated ad nauseam until you forget the loop and get drawn into other parts of the drone, lost in sound until you remember it’s there and you start to enjoy it again. Chapel of the Snows finds the loop twisting into a darker tone, I’m fully immersed now and the theme is embedded within my mind. The variations become quite engaging and curious, where will it go next?

Far From the Warming sun starts the second half of the album and allows for a brief readjustment and new theme to evolve before it fully appears. The second half is an entirely more oppressive and darker tone but I love this. Title track Light Conductor closes the album with the only vocals on the record, a kraut/pop rock anthem that acts of the album’s crescendo and comes as a pleasant and unexpected twist.

As stated I have struggled to put this one into words. Forgive me for the brief review. I don’t feel I can really do this experience justice with mere words alone. A remarkable instrumental piece that will teleport you beyond our universe.

Out on 8th March 2019. You can order it from their Bandcamp page

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