MARKERS | Heaven in the Dark Earth | ALBUM REVIEW

Markers | Heaven in the Dark Earth | Album review

Review by: Graeme J. Baty

Heaven In The Dark Earth

I’m finding 2019 to be a very interesting year for instrumental music, already some amazing releases; Steve Strong, Teeth of the Sea and Rosetta. Markers popped up on my radar and having heard lead track Marine Parlance I was quite intrigued to hear more.

The band consists of London based math-rock veterans Jason Carty and Jodie Cox. Associated with such acts as Bullet Union, Exes, Narrows, Earth, Sex Swing, Foe, Art of Burning Water, which is quite an impressive list!

The album starts out with Fountain; a sparse soundscape with beautiful reverb drenched crashes. Providing the perfect mood setting for what is to come.

In Amber follows and sets the tone for the rest of the record. Beautifully bare minimum guitar tones, a smidge of reverb and a very clean guitar tone. A kind of ‘less is more’ approach which works strikingly well. As I find myself lulled into a pleasant meditation. The album continues this pace with a brief interlude for Haar. Before the crowning peace Muisca closes the record.

The minimal instrumentation is actually quite refreshing, I often enjoy densely layered music which requires repeated listens and heavy perseverance to fully engage and understand. Here the musicians let the music do the talking, bare minimum instrumentation and tone, juxtaposed with highly crafted compositions. It’s really lovely just to sit back, close my eyes and allow the guitars to wash over you. Delightfully serene record. It feels like a narrative piece, a soundtrack to a movie in my mind, just close your eyes and let your imagination run wild.

Heaven in the Dark Earth is out on God Unknown on 22nd February 2019. You can also order some nice looking limited colour vinyl versions from their Bandcamp page

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