ROSETTA | Sower of Wind | EP REVIEW

Rosetta | Sower of Wind | EP review

Review by: Jimmy Hutchinson

Rosetta – Sower of Wind

Formed in Philadelphia in 2003, Rosetta has released six full-length albums to date (and the band has made its more recent work available via Bandcamp). Their latest release is an exploration of some of the soundscapes that they developed while creating their 2017 concept album, Utopioid, which featured gradually building dynamics and complex time signatures. However, this release should not be viewed as a re-tread of the earlier album. Devoid of distorted guitars, vocals, drums and crescendos, Sower of Wind is comprised of four pieces named after the points of a compass. Each track consists of a delicate wash of minimalist piano, slowly building synths and sound effects. While each track incorporates similar elements, the melodies and atmospheres created are unique. Other layers, such as fragile acoustic guitars and barely audible speech samples, gradually appear in some of the pieces, only to be submerged in the mix once again.

An interesting departure for fans of their previous album, or for fans of atmospheric, ambient-flavoured music in general, Sower of Wind is a subtly constructed record. While regular followers of the band may miss the more aggressive elements, Rosetta may well find themselves a new audience with this release.

Sower of Wind has been available on Bandcamp for pay-what-you-wish download since 4th January 2019:

It will be available on vinyl from 22nd February:

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