COHEED AND CAMBRIA | 12.10.2018 | Newcastle O2 Academy | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Coheed and Cambria – 12th October 2018 – Newcastle O2 Academy

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

I expect it must be difficult for a band with a decent back catalogue to decide on a setlist but when each album is a concept and part of an ever-evolving story it has to make it even harder! Coheed and Cambria, however, have obviously thought this through really carefully for this latest tour. The set flows so well and even the hardcore fans who follow the graphic novel series and all things C&C linked, were saying how the running order was absolutely spot on and linked together brilliantly.

Prologue from the latest album emerged from the PA and the band came out to an ecstatic audience and they kicked the night off with The Dark Sentencer also from latest release The Unheavenly Creatures. The absolute perfect set opener with a fist-pumping chant beat followed by familiar Coheed and Cambria twin guitar trickery and Claudio Sanchez mesmerising vocal!

Josh Eppards drum led Here We Are Juggernaut follows and it’s only song two but the crowd are going crazy hanging on every note and word. The band have created the set from six of their albums and taking only one from Second Stage Turbine. They play Devil In Jersey City which, for me personally brought so many memories of playing this in clubs to a packed floor when I DJ’d so much, so I found myself just singing my head off from the photo pit at bassist Zach Cooper with a huge grin on my face! There’s obviously a chunk of the new album spread through the night (4 tracks) including the title track but they give equal attention to In Keeping Secrets and Good Apollo Vol 1.

Throughout the gig the production was just stellar! It was like an arena light show in an Academy venue which could have easily been too much but it was stunning adding so much colour and drama to each song. Other personal favourites were In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth 3 just hearing the packed out hall screaming “Man your battle stations “ sent shivers !! And A Favour House Atlantic brought more smiles and memories of DJ days!

Claudio and Travis Stevers guitar work together is second to none in this field and the pace only lets up a little when Wake Up sees arms raised swaying
Set closer Old Flames sets the scene for the epic encore of Welcome Home which sees Claudio strapping on the double neck before that huge chugging riff kicks in and taking the set to its conclusion.

It’s easy to see from a performance like this why and how the fans of Coheed and Cambria can get so drawn into the whole shebang, they’re a band that are difficult to just dip your toe in to. It takes time, but once you’re into them, you are INTO THEM!!!

They’re definitely next level now and I reckon unless they themselves want to keep it intimate this could be the last time they’re in this size venue unless they play a couple of nights!

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