ORBITAL | 11.08.2018 | Sage Gateshead | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Orbital – 11th August 2018 – Sage Gateshead

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

Turning the Sage concourse into a huge club for a night certainly paid off tonight! Suitably warming up the clubbers as they arrived and got used to the surroundings 586 Records owner and DJ Anthony Daly played out some wonderful warm vibes tunes.

Then up next were Plaid And The Bee (Warp Records) playing a live set the trio were silhouetted in front of giant video screens pumping out their electronic beats to an appreciative audience

By the time it was time for Orbital to hit the (very high) stage crowd were in full swing and the Hartnolls were given a huge reception as they went into opening track Lush 3-1 . From atop the 25ft riser they kept the party dancing with classics like Halcyon + On +On, Wonky, Satan and slipped in new tracks (P.H.U.K, Tiny Foldable Cities & The End Is Nigh ) from the forthcoming album Monsters Exist along the way amid more crowd pleasers . Belfast and Chime as always get the huge response they deserve and even after a rousing closer of The Box and Doctor? The party keeps going with a Man Power DJ Set into the night

Through the evening the video screens play a huge part of the experience adding visuals to each track along with the light show BUT for me one of the biggest stars of the night was the Sage building itself. It’s shape and structure added so much to the feel of the event the way the windows almost became extra screens reflecting the lights and videos and having the Tyne Bridge and city scape looking on just gave the whole event a unique feel. Having the stage / riser built up to the height of the first level of the building worked perfectly and the sold out crowd was just a sea of smiling dancing happy people!

It’s always odd taking photos of events like this where the artists are essentially playing the tracks from banks of keyboards and technology so I have tried to capture the feel of the night with lots of lights and building

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Images Copyright Gordon Armstrong. For permission to use these images please contact G’s Gig Shots

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