EMMA RUTH RUNDLE | On Dark Horses | Album reaction

Emma Ruth Rundle | On Dark Horses | Album reaction

Emma Ruth Rundle is set to release her fourth and possibly finest release to date On Dark Horses on 14th September 2018. It’s a densely rich, layered aural experience and is further evidence that Sargent House can do no wrong!

The press release that accompanies the album reveals that the album was conceived in late 2017/early 2018. Engineered and produced by Kevin Ratterman at La La Land studios in Louisville, Kentucky in just ten days. It is quite a remarkable feat of work in such a short time frame. It’s an album of superbly crafted songs, further highlighting Rundle’s evolution as a talented songwriter, as showcased on Marked for Death and hinted at in her previous recordings. 

On Dark Horses makes for a perfect for Sunday morning soundtrack. I’m sat writing this, whilst drinking a coffee in a busy city on a cloudy Sunday morning, watching the world go by as I indulge in the sounds on my headphones. It’s quite a calming and soothing experience. Shoppers are rushing around me, as I sit here in a world of my own escaping in the dreamy sounds of Darkhorse.

Light Song is undoubtedly an album highlight for me. The lyrics really speak to me and my own battle with inner demons this year, wading and struggling through life. Guest Jay Jayle perfectly compliments the vocals providing a nice contrast and balance to the track with his deep tones. I just adore the reverb-drenched guitar on this track.

You Don’t Have To Cry closes the album with a beautiful crescendo that reminds me of Low, building and building on the same motif. 8 songs done in 43 minutes, seems too short and I’m left craving for more. However, I feel that is a good thing. It encourages me to put it on again and it’s an album that rewards with multiple plays. You really need to take time to digest the arrangements and subtleties. It certainly will appeal to fans of Chelsea Wolfe, albeit in a restrained and perfectly subdued fashion.

Emma is touring the UK in November including a show in Newcastle on the 7th November at the intimate Cluny 2 which is the perfect setting for her. As an added bit of good news Jaye Jayle is also opening on the tour!

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