SOULFLY | 09.08.2018 | Newcastle Riverside | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Soulfly – 9th August 2018 – Newcastle Riverside – Review and photos

Feature by Graeme J Baty

Soulfly – 9th Aug 2018 – Newcastle Riverside

Soulfly make a very welcome return to Newcastle, the last time was at the Riverside just over four years ago (see photos from that show here). They’re back ahead of the release of a brand new album Ritual (which is out on Nuclear Blast later in 2018). Tonight the band are celebrating 20 years of Soulfly! As you can imagine the set feels like a ‘best of’. Which is fine by me and everyone else in attendance! There’s a really good vibe in the crowd tonight.

It’s a really hot night at the Riverside. Before the show, I was worried it might not sell that well, due to a lot of local metalheads being at Bloodstock Festival. Local bands Yersin and Ashes of Iron helped to draw in a few punters and the venue was packed. Easily the best metal crowd I’ve ever seen at the Riverside, the kids were wild, circle pits and good old-fashioned moshing, great to see people having the best time. That energy seemed to encourage the band even more, they were really enjoying themselves.

One of the new tracks (I didn’t catch the name, please comment below if you know it) was an absolute thrash masterpiece and for me was one of the standout performances of the night. There is life in them yet and tonight they prove just as vital as ever. That unmistakable Cavalera groove is what makes them so enjoyable.

Soulfly – 9th Aug 2018 – Newcastle Riverside

They played classics like Eye for an Eye, Umbabarauma, Blood Fire War Hate, Back to the Primitive. They dipped into other Max projects with a brilliant version of Wasting Away (Nailbomb). Max’s grandson came out from a very brief but fun appearance, it was over in a flash, pretty sure it was a Napalm Death song!

A ridiculously good extended guitar solo from shredder Marc Rizzo saw the band leave the stage and allow him to melt the ears of punters, throwing a very welcomed slice of Slayer too! After the solo Max returned to the stage wearing a Venom t-shirt with a nice tribute to the Newcastle metal heritage m/

What a night. Easily the best I’ve seen Soulfly. A short but perfectly executed 85 minutes of sonic pummelling, hits the spot and I’m left wanting more. 20 years on they’re just as great as ever. Bands come and go but Soulfly have 20 years of killer riffs in their armoury. They are living legends! 

Soulfly – 9th Aug 2018 – Newcastle Riverside

Apologies for the lack of angles on the shots, I was shooting from the edge of the pit and in the crowd with my superzoom =D Buzzing with what I managed to get though m/ The Riverside remains my favourite venue for heavy bands and it’s great to see them back here!


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