MINISTRY | 18.07.2018 | Glasgow SWG3 | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Ministry and Chelsea Wolfe  18th July 2018 – Glasgow SWG3 – Review and photos

Ministry – 18th July 2018 – Glasgow SWG3

Chelsea Wolfe and her band played a short but devastatingly brilliant set, left wanting more which is probably mission accomplished for a support act. There was a huge turnout early on for her set. Ministry and CW is such a quirky but great bill, there appears to be quite a crossover of fans tonight. Speaking to a few Ministry fans who weren’t familiar they all agreed that the Chelsea Wolfe set was brilliant. The dark and brooding songs come to life in a live setting, I loved how heavy the material sounded, the chorus of 16 Psyche is massive. CW albums are often my go-to music for some chilled sounds but performed live the dynamics bring out the power and make the songs sound huge. Truly amazing. The sound was perfect. I’ve been waiting a long time to catch CW and her band and I wasn’t disappointed. Chelsea Wolfe full photo gallery here

Chelsea Wolfe – 18th July 2018 – Glasgow SWG3

After the O2 ABC fire, it looked like this gig might not go ahead. Thankfully the promoters managed to relocate it to the SWG3. It’s my second time here (Sepultura in March) and both occasions I’ve been impressed with the sound and lighting. It’s a low ceiling, a concrete industrial looking nightmare you’d expect it to be more home to raves but I have to admit the sound is impressive. They’ve nailed the setup here and it suits heavier bands rather well! 

Al Jourgensen

Ministry have a legion of loyal fans in tonight. Some travelling some serious miles! I thought my 300-mile round trip was good but there’s a few in from around Europe too.

Ministry returned last year with a new album AmeriKKKant on Nuclear Blast Records and I must admit I wasn’t expecting it to be as quite good as it was. They haven’t lost a single bit of their power, politicly charged messages and of course showmanship. If anything their Anti-fascist approach is more relevant and more needed than at any other point in my lifetime. 

selist ministry Glasgow
Ministry – 18th July 2018 – Glasgow SWG3

There’s a liberal dashing of the new material before they end the set on some absolute classics. Two large screens on either side of the stage pump intense visuals into the eyes of punters. I found myself mesmerised by the Antifa visuals! 

New World Order and Thieves get some of the biggest reactions from the crowd. New material sounding great as they seamlessly change from old to new. It hasn’t aged a bit. Exciting. Heavy. Highly politically charged. Giant inflatable chickens with Donald Trump hairdos. This is great. The world needs Ministry! 

Ministry – 18th July 2018 – Glasgow SWG3


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