MASTERSYSTEM | 26.04.2018 | The Cluny | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Mastersystem – 26th April 2018 – Cluny Newcastle – Review and photos

Mastersystem – April 2018 – Cluny Newcastle

I discovered this band by accident. A fellow photographer mentioned them and I remained oblivious as to who they were. Curious I did a bit that there Googleing and stumbled upon the video for The Enlightenment. Holy shit! Frabbits with balls!!!!

More research shed light on the project. The release was a fast-paced, bash it out kind of affair and came as a pleasant surprise. Not only that they’re playing the Cluny!?! My mind raced! I won’t go into too much detail, I interviewed Scott before the show and that shines some light on this rather brilliant project. Stay tuned for that one very soon.

Mastersystem might be a new band and a down a key member (Justin Lockey away on tour with Editors) but as they took to the stage with album opener Proper Home they look like a well-horned band that have been playing together for years. The venue is fairly busy, word seems to have spread. There’s a great atmosphere in the venue, the band clearly having a great time and the audience indulging the new songs.

Mastersystem – April 2018 – Cluny Newcastle

They proceed to tear through the Dance Music album in full. Of course being a brand new band means less material, however, that material is really strong and stands as a brilliant piece of work, regardless of other projects. Tonight they stick to the new material and I think the gig was all the more special for it. It’s much more of a rock band, the songs have that pleasant familiarity but with a heavier kick in the arse, big fat bass and fuzzy guitars bringing me back to the 90s alternative rock Pumpkins and Dino!

I left the venue on a high from the music. I know I’ll look back on this night for years to come. I really hope we get more material from Mastersystem in future. They’re just fucking great.


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