EMPLOYED TO SERVE | 18.04.2018 | Newcastle Cluny | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Employed To Serve – 18th April 2018 –  Newcastle Cluny

This is the first I’ve come across this band. While doing some research before the show it looks like they’ve been building up quite a reputation for solid releases and amazing live performances. Opening for Code Orange and signed to Holy Roar Records, so they must be canny decent!!!

Employed to Serve – April 2018 – Newcastle Cluny

I hate to use comparisons, but I’m sure any band in this genre would be happy to be compared to these… Take hints of Will Haven, Gojira and Rolo Tomassi add a solid groove and you’ll find you have something rather fucking awesome! I was sold from the get-go.

I left the gig kicking myself that I didn’t bring enough cash to buy the albums. Rest assured I ordered them as soon as I got home! I am currently obsessed with this track.

Lead singer Justine Jones looks like butter wouldn’t melt during soundcheck, where she super politely asks for a ‘little bit more vocal please’. Her brutal, abrasive yet melodic, vocal style is truly stunning. The kids in tonight are tearing chunks out of each other in the mosh pit.

Employed to Serve – April 2018 – Newcastle Cluny

Truly one of the best bands I’ve seen in a while. This band are on to something special.


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