SEPULTURA | 14.03.2018 | Glasgow SWG3 | REVIEW and PHOTOS

Sepultura – 14th March 2018 – Glasgow SWG3 – Review and photos

There comes a moment in your life when you realise you’re just chasing your own tail. Trying to find that perfect moment, that defining point. For me, this moment is something I’ve always chased, that moment is pure ecstatic bliss that only live music can bring. It removes you from the reality of life and only one thing matters. Riffs!

Sepultura - March 2018 - Glasgow
Sepultura – March 2018 – Glasgow

When I was about 12 or 13 years old. I was still finding myself and I knew this music thing was good but I hadn’t yet found anything I could grab on to and call my own. Staying up late one night, probably past my bedtime! (although my folks were pretty cool when it came to things like that). I watched a terrible programme called The Word. It shaped my musical mind like nothing I could find anywhere else for a 12-year-old child. This band called Sepultura were on and there were people in cages, it was indeed crazy, then they played. I laughed and giggled then slowly I started to realise, this is fucking awesome! That is the power of metal, it is fun, it is sometimes silly, it is extreme (I’d never ever heard people screaming vocals before), it is dirty, it is REAL. That is my indoctrination into the world of metal. At last, I had found music I could relate to. That was way before I knew the lyrics and meanings of the songs. The music spoke to me…

Here I am, 25 years later. Much has changed in this world, including myself and of course the reason I am here in Glasgow; SEPULTURA!

Sepultura - March 2018 - Glasgow. Andreas Kisser
Sepultura – March 2018 – Glasgow

I suppose my point is that I’ve grown up with Sepultura. I stand here in Glasgow and I feel that joy again, surrounded by fans, there’s no bullshit, just a load of people out to have a good time.

This is only the second time I’ve seen Sep, having seen them on their last tour in Glasgow. It’s the perfect city for them, although tonight’s venue seems like an odd choice and the stage times meant that we (and most other punters) were unable to get there until the supports were more or less done. Luckily we caught some of the set from Obscura.

Sepultura - March 2018 - Glasgow
Sepultura – March 2018 – Glasgow

The venue is slightly out of town, just down the road from the SECC. Talking to other punters they were equally as baffled as myself for the venue choice. It’s more suited to dance and rave style acts. That said, Sepultura sounded and looked amazing on that stage, the low ceiling and concrete would usually kill the sound but it worked brilliantly. Hats off to the sound and light guys!

Sepultura - March 2018 - Glasgow
Sepultura – March 2018 – Glasgow

Derrick celebrates a remarkable 20 years with Sep on this tour. He is a machine. I have felt bad for him, stepping into someone else shoes (you know who!). The fact that I have to mention that is a testament to how much of a void he left and the strength of love fans have for that era of the Sep. I am a huge fan of Derrick era, I think the band grew positively from the loss of their frontman to become one of the worlds best heavy metal acts. Max was a huge step in the journey of Sepultura. The band that IS Sepultura are still one of the greatest bands in the world.

At the heart of the Sepultura sound is percussion. Eloy Casagrande Is truly a master. I spent most of the show just watching him, although I struggled to get a good photo of him due to the layout of the stage and high drumriser 😦 He is phenomenal.

It’s a strong setlist, largely comprising of the recent album Machine Messiah, sprinkled with classics from across the bands history.  I am the Enemy opens the show like a cold hard kick to the head. They mean business tonight. The new material is utterly brilliant. By the third song, fans were starting to pile over the barrier into the photopit. Where they’d see a bearded cameraman with a huge smile on his face. This is real. This is life. I’ll remember tonight for the rest of my days. Amazing experience.

Sepultura - March 2018 - Glasgow - Setlist
Sepultura – March 2018 – Glasgow


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