BRITISH SEA POWER | 17.02.2018 | Glasgow Garage | REVIEW and PHOTOS

British Sea Power – 17th February 2018 – Glasgow Garage

Since there was no Newcastle spot on this tour I needed little encouragement to hit the road and go see them in one of my favourite cities!

British Sea Power - Glasgow Garage - Feb 2018
British Sea Power – Glasgow Garage – Feb 2018

Chatting to some fans beforehand it’s clear the adoration fans have for the band. We were trading stories about how many times we’d seen them and that unmistakable addiction to their music. 10 years ago I first saw them, Do You Like Rock Music was just about to be released. I was hooked from that gig onwards. I’ve since lost count of the gigs and merch! My name is Graeme and I am a BSP addict.

British Sea Power - Glasgow Garage - Feb 2018 - bears
British Sea Power – Glasgow Garage – Feb 2018

The band is shrouded in thick soup of smoke and light for most of the night. Making for some really cool but slightly tricky photos 🙂

The Garage is full to near capacity,  smiling faces and happy faces everywhere. The feel-good factor is on another level. It left me euphoric and ecstatic. Which is no easy task at present as I’m battling severe depression and anxiety. For one night I was able to escape. Indulge in the music. To me that’s the highest accolade for a band.  I did just that, pure escapism and joy.

Pictures say a thousand words. For me, this photo sums up perfectly the atmosphere of the gig. The amazing people of Glasgow coupled with the amazing music of British Sea Power.

British Sea Power - Glasgow Garage - Feb 2018 - bears
British Sea Power – Glasgow Garage – Feb 2018

Setlist covers a wide variety of favourites and quirky additions. I’ve had The Pelican in my head for a week now!!

  • Who’s in Control
  • Lights Out for Darker Skies
  • Bad Bohemian
  • It Ended on an Oily Stage
  • The Voice Of Ivy Lee
  • Blackout
  • How Will I Ever Find My Way Home?
  • What You’re Doing
  • Praise for Whatever
  • The Pelican
  • No Lucifer
  • Keep On Trying (Sechs Freunde)
  • Machineries of Joy
  • Remember Me
  • Carrion
  • Waving Flags
  • The Great Skua

Ending the night on the Great Skua is a perfect climatic end to one of the most enjoyable evenings. It may be the best I’ve ever seen them.

British Sea Power - Glasgow Garage - Feb 2018 setlist

It’s rare that you get permission to photo a full show but BSP allow it and encourage it! Of course, I took far too many photos. Here’s a lot of them 🙂 See if you can spot yourself in the polar bear shots towards the end of the gallery!


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