BLACK MOTH talk about their LP and UK tour – INTERVIEW

Black Moth head out on a headline tour this month

Neil Ainger spoke to Dom McCready to find out more.

I first saw you live at Download Festival in 2013. Since then you have shared bills with Orange Goblin, Karma to Burn, Monster Magnet, Pentagram, L7 and Sisters of Mercy to name just a few! What does it mean to you to play with such great, experienced bands and what do you learn from it?

It’s definitely a fantastic experience, especially when some of those bands we have loved since we were kids. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when you look back on some of the bands I’ve played with. I guess what you learn from it is how to play on bigger stages and an overall professional approach to playing shows, you need to adapt to be successful. You also learn that even if you play a song a million times and you’re bored of it, ultimately it’s about what you fans want to hear and you still have to put your all into it.

Black Moth Gobinder-Jhitta
Black Moth (Photo by Gobinder Jhitta)

For someone who may be new to the band, how would you describe your sound?

Heavy, melodic, fuzzed up riffs n roll.

You often seem to be compared to various doom or stoner bands such as Blood Ceremony and Windhand but with the two prior records, The Killing Jar and Condemned to Hope, there are noticeable influences in garage, psychedelic and punk rock as well isn’t there? Who would you say Black Moth are influenced by?

Black Moth have so many influences it’s almost absurd! The thing about us is we all have very different musical tastes, my thing is mostly Death and Black Metal as well as Blues. Dave loves his prog rock and good time classics. Fedi loves her 70 and 80s classic rock as well as Thrash metal and Funk. Jim is a massive Grunge kid as well as loving hip-hop and Harriet listens to all kinds of weird and wonderful stuff. We never approach a song with the intention of making it sound like a certain genre, we just do what makes us happy and I guess all of our various influences spill out!

You’re starting to get some press for the new album Anatomical Venus. Can you tell us about the record?

It was recorded at the Nave studio in Leeds by the incredibly talented Andy Hawkins and it was mixed by Russ Russell. A lot of Harriet’s lyrics on this album are talking about the heaviness of the female experience. In the past, we haven’t really embraced the gender thing and certainly stayed well away from anything political. But this time I think Harriet just needed let out a lot of the thoughts that had been tormenting her for the past few years. I would hope that compared to our earlier work it is an evolution and that we have become better songwriters and musicians.

You’re just about to head out on the road. 9 cities in 9 days. What can people expect from this tour?

You can expect the heaviest Black Moth live show to date. We will be playing mostly material from the new record, which is really exciting as we’ve been sitting on this stuff for quite a while! See you on the road!

Black Moth can be seen in Newcastle on the 12th Feb and around the country on these dates.

7th February: Hope & Ruin, Brighton
8th February: Boston Music Rooms, London
9th February: Rebellion, Manchester
11th February: Garage Attic, Glasgow
12th February: The Cluny 2, Newcastle
13th February: Mama Roux’s, Birmingham
14th February: Fuel, Cardiff
15th February: Waterfront Studios, Norwich
16th February: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds

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