MCLUSKY | 19.12.17 | Cluny Newcastle

Mclusky – December 2017 – Cluny Newcastle

Mclusky (or mclusky*) return for a one-off gig. If ever there was a gig that can not be missed, this is it!!

mclusky poster 2017

I last saw Mclusky around 2004/2005 ish. They played upstairs in the Student Union on Kings Walk. Sadly there were only a handful of people there that night. Still, it was a great gig. I recall feeling some tension in the band, which made the performance awesome but slightly venomous. They split not long after.

So a decade and a half later they return for 19 songs (+ Kkkitchens!) of pure nostalgia. The band are on top form and are having a great time. Bass duties filled by St Pierre Snake Invasion vocalist Damien Sayell. A brilliant night. I hope they do more gigs!

Apologies for the lack of angles on this. It was, of course, sold out and I didn’t want to get in the way of other punters. Plus I was there as a punter myself, taking my camera along just for ‘a couple of memento shots’. I think I got carried away. Here are ALL of the photos I took. Since it’s a special gig 🙂


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