LIFE OF AGONY – September 2017 – Northumbria University – REVIEW and GALLERY

Life Of Agony, 19th September 2017,  Northumbria University

It’s safe to say a lot of the Newcastle alt-rock rock/hardcore scene missed out on one of the best gigs they could have seen tonight!! However for those that bothered their arses and came it was an intense, intimate show that will be remembered for a long time!

LIFE OF AGONY - September 2017 - Northumbria University

LIFE OF AGONY – September 2017 – Northumbria University

It’s the first time LOA have played in Newcastle, which is odd considering how long they’ve been going but hey they got here. They come out and blast straight into ‘River Runs Red’ then ‘This Time’ showing the songs still stand today.

In fact that debut album features heavily in the set with six songs from it and the rest of the back catalogue spread out around them (‘Weeds’, ‘Love to Let You Down’, ‘Lost at 22’and more).

Once the band came to terms with the small attendance they seemed to kick it up a gear and just have a blast. Mina Caputo sang the majority of the set from the security barrier right into the faces of the first couple of rows. Her voice was as powerful and emotive as it ever has been and the Joey Alan and Sal just absolutely tore up the stage behind her. I could go on at length about how great this was but it would make too many people sad that missed out and it’s kinda nice to keep this one “our little secret ” for those that made the effort.

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

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