THE TUBES – November 2017 – Newcastle Boiler Shop – REVIEW and PHOTO GALLERY

THE TUBES – Newcastle Boiler Shop, 9th November 2017

There’s a lot of love in the room tonight flowing both to and from the band. The Tubes frontman; Fee Waybill is beaming and thanking the audience and a friend of mine who worked for the band for many years and is still good friends with them turned to me and said; ” Fee doesn’t do bullshit very well. That happiness and gratitude is genuine!”

THE TUBES - November 2017 - Newcastle Boiler Shop

THE TUBES – November 2017 – Newcastle Boiler Shop

The band have been around since the early 70’s delighting audiences with their theatrical Rock ‘n’ Roll show. They are over on a kind of double tour taking in some headline shows then off out with old friend Alice Cooper opening up alongside the Mission on an arena tour.

For nearly 2 hours the band bang out the tunes that they have crafted for over 40 years with almost no gap between them even when Fee is changing costume /character the guys play introductions and instrumentals in their matching white boiler suits.

THE TUBES - November 2017 - Newcastle Boiler Shop

THE TUBES – November 2017 – Newcastle Boiler Shop

All of Fees’ personas are out tonight TV King, Mr Hate, Mondo Bondage, Golden Boy, Game Show Host for What Do You Want From Life. We are treated to a Beatles and Beefheart cover too along with the contractually obligated ballad (Fees’ words ). But of course its the larger than life glam rocker Quay Lewd who steals the limelight in his 13″ heels and spandex closing the set with the anthem ‘White Punks On Dope’. A quick change and an encore of singles ‘Talk To Ya Later’ and ‘She’s A Beauty’ leave the crowd on a high, smiling faces throughout the venue. Not content with that, the band then tell everyone they’ll meet them at the merch stand for chats and beers. True to their word, as I left 20 minutes later they were still meeting and greeting everyone who wanted to!

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

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