IDLES – March 2017 – Think Tank Newcastle – FEATURE and PHOTO GALLERY

22nd March 2017 – Think Tank Newcastle

I’ve been very jaded with new music in the last few years. At last here’s a band that can excite a bored gig-goer. Good music, good performance, good crowd and no bullshit. A band visibly enjoying their gigs, indulging in the live experience and of course the tour essential; Buckfast. This is more like it! Local support from Dunes and Mouses impressed too (features on those to follow separately).

Idles - March 2017 - Think Tank

Idles – March 2017 – Think Tank

There’s a distinct vibe of anticipation in the air. Heel/Heal begins the night and you can tell they mean business. Singer Joe Talbot stalking the stage, poised and ready to pounce.

Phlegm stalactites entertained and disgusted in equal measures.  I shan’t go into the grim details!

Idles - March 2017 - Think Tank

Bulk of the set comes from debut Brutalism. Material from the ace ‘Meat’ EP is missing. Or outgrown is probably more accurate.

Talking to the drummer and guitarist before the gig I discovered two top blokes (troopers having braved the Newcastle rain storm to track down Brown Ale on draft!) thoroughly enthralled and blessed to have such a great response to the tour (which included SXSW in Austin just a couple of days before this show) and album. That energy and appreciation was fed directly into the show.

Idles - March 2017 - Think Tank

Idles – March 2017 – Think Tank

Refreshing, clever and essential f**king good time music delivered by a well-horned band. They’ve been going for some years and at last they’re grabbing the attention of a wider audience. I look forward to the day I can say I saw them play to a small crowd. I couldn’t even buy a copy of the LP as they’d sold out 🙁 This lot are going places.

Idles - March 2017 - Think Tank

Idles – March 2017 – Think Tank

The band draw a lot of comparisons, which if I’m honest is starting to bug me. I’ll quote myself from a few months back. “There’s a lot of easy comparisons in their sound (which I won’t make) the sum of it’s parts is equal something far greater and deserves to be recognised as such.”

After getting my shots I packed my gear away and instead of retreating to the bar, stayed stageside and had a f**king blast. The audience were totally swept along, and by the end of the show everyone was dancing away.

Go see them. Best band in Britain at the moment. Mark my words!

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