David Hall’s favourite videos of 2016

David’s 2016 Video Round Up

We had a rather busy year on the video front. David picks his favourite shoots from 2016

Plague Rider – Live Session

This is the first session we shot, and was a one take, one song scenario. Not really my ‘go to’ music genre but the intensity and also the technicality of the performance is very evident, and is a video I return to for a casual watch quite often.

Tombstone Crow – Live at Bloodstock

This assignment was a bit of a departure. The band had a swathe of ‘pro-shot’ multi-cam footage and a live soundboard recording of the event, as well as a fully mixed video provided by the production company. However, the band felt that more could be made of the raw materials and handed them over to me for a re-edit. The final, full result can be seen on Tombstone Crow’s Bloodstock Live DVD, which we also authored.

Kylver – Hy-Brasil

This was the first dramatic narrative that I had directed in quite a while. The album the song came from provided a fantastic backstory to sink our teeth into. We made the most of what was available to us, and with very little budget to boot. Definitely got the juices flowing for more dramatic stuff, and is a video I’m very proud of.

Kobadelta – Hold Y’r’ self

A really, really fun video to shoot, made all the better by the band members jumping into the concept with both feet. Dom wore the camera rig the whole time and was a real trooper. Plays like a gentler, eccentric ‘Smack My Bitch Up’.

Jed Grimes & Rob File – Little Sadie

I aimed to provide this video with a classic, moody look, reflecting the songs roots and the darker electronic elements. The video marks the first release from the collaboration between Rob and Jed under the Casa Negra Sessions umbrella.

Telepathy – Tone Control

Our most recent band in this series exploring how each member achieves their signature sound.  Shot the day after (and during) their Cluny gig, the band discuss many elements that contribute to their crushing performances, both live and recorded.

NARC. TEN – Documentary

A short documentary, following the celebratory gigs held for the tenth birthday of NARC. Magazine. Featuring a diverse selection of North East talent.

Conan – Jon Davis Interview

A simple interview setup technically, but Jon was very generous with his time, and gave some great answers. Looks and sounds quite good, even though it was shot in the back of the tour van!

Smokin’ Coconuts – Everything Must Go – Live Session

A fun shoot, but tough technically due to all the smoke, lights and general bedlam! Never fails to crack me up, especially when the drumkit gets flattened!

I’ll Play The Villain – Breather – Live Session

Again the band covers a genre that’s not usually my cuppa tea, but they include so many elements that draw you in, and the performance certainly gets the head banging along. A band to watch in 2017.