The Fall of Troy | Tiny Moving Parts | Terrible Love – Sept 2016 – Think Tank Newcastle – PHOTOS and REVIEW

The Fall of Troy | Tiny Moving Parts | Terrible Love
13th Sept 2016 – Think Tank Newcastle

Last year I saw The Fall of Troy for the first time, that experience left quite an impression. They’ve been busy since that Academy gig. All I knew is that they blew me away and I was buzzing to hear they were returning! They brought with them two bands I wasn’t yet familiar with, and as always I was keen to get down early and catch all of the bands.

Terrible Love

Terrible Love were already full tilt into their set as I arrived at the venue. Thankfully I managed to catch a few songs. With a name like that I wondered what to expect. They offered an appropriately loud start to a hot and humid evening. 

They remind me of a more melodic Feed the Rhino, almost metal-core at times, without the blandness. The vocalist entered the mosh pit and commanded the attention of the audience. A little research post gig revealed that members of the band have a rather impressive résumé. For those who made it down early, they surely walked away as fans. A band to watch and no mistake.

Terrible Love – PHOTO GALLERY
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Tiny Moving Parts

Tiny Moving Parts - Sept 2016 - Think Tank

Tiny Moving Parts – Sept 2016 – Think Tank

There were quite a few fans in attendance solely to see TMP and I was intrigued to hear them. 

They’ve recently released a new LP ‘Celebrate’ and are touring for the 2nd time in the UK. 

Dylan Mattheisen vocals often bordered on pop-punk, I’m not sure that appealed to me, too old I guess! There’s a multitude of influences and genres funnelled into a fairly unique sound. Remarkable talent for such a young band.

Some dedicated fans signing word for word down the front. The band seem super enthusiastic and are full of smiles.

I can’t say I loved this band, but I did enjoy them. There’s a fully diverse sound with some elements that can even please and old curmudgeon like me.

Tiny Moving Parts – PHOTO GALLERY
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The Fall of Troy

The Fall of Troy - September 2016 - Think Tank

The Fall of Troy – September 2016 – Think Tank

Back in the UK touring their new album ‘OK’, which was dropped on fans as a free download, quite unexpectedly earlier this year. A math-rock masterclass which you can nab here 

‘Chapter 1:Introverting Dimensions’ acts as marvellously, dramatic slow opener. The song itself, acts as the perfect introduction to FoT, covering soft and bombastic styles. 

They don’t seem to have the same energy at first, but they soon hit their stride. ‘We love you’ chants fans clearly over the moon that they came back here. As am I. 

A three piece with more beef than a million McBurger things. Riffs. Riffs to spare! They make it look effortless. Both impressive and engaging. 

The band themselves seemed a little tense, this is a tension I’d not witnessed on previous shows. A bad day? Tour fatigue? Who knows, I’m only guessing. One thing is certain, they put on a great show regardless.

I really hope they keep touring and of course, come back to bonnie Newcastle. Superb live band.

The Fall of Troy – PHOTO GALLERY
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