After a short break we’re back in action and have now relocated to Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne!

Apologies for the lack of content lately. We’ve been very busy behind the scenes.

First up we have now relocated to Heaton, just off Chilly Road. Easier access to gigs and recording facilities!!! 

We’ll also be offering studio shoots in the area. Simple and effective setup and of course budget friendly, we aim to keep our services affordable to all bands and customers.

We’re now offering Live Sessions commercially. Previously it has been invite only. These can be shot anywhere, any studio. Acoustic or full band. A great way of getting your music to the masses, cheap and of course shot and recorded to the highest standard in the Northeast. We’re still offering sessions at First Ave too as they’re just around the corner from us and the quality is ace 🙂

We’re adding our back catalogue of Live sessions to Facebook. By popular demand as they say, which in this case is true! We’ll be uploading over the coming months, so not to bombard followers =D

And finally we’ll be toning down the amount of blog posts/reviews we do. We’ll be concentrating on client work as demand is hugely outweighing our spare time. This allows us to concentrate on creating the best quality photo and video services in the area.

So to summarise what we’ll be offering…


  • Band promo photos (location and studio)
  • Gig photo service – Of course! It’s what we excel at and we’re cheaper than the rest.
  • Weddings, because we love shooing them =D
  • And general photography services including food, residential and commercial properties etc


  • Videos – Live footage, promo videos, live sessions
  • Documentary
  • Trailers
  • Interviews – video, audio.


  • Press pack service – Everything your band needs to get noticed
  • Editing – video, photos. Have the footage but need help making it shipshape? We can help.
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