Moose Blood – April 2016 – Newcastle O2 Academy – REVIEW and PHOTOS

Moose Blood – April 2016 Newcastle O2 Academy

By Gordon Armstrong (G’s Gig Shots)

There are two things I will always love at a gig; 1) Crowd loving the band. 2) The band loving the crowd. Tonight ticked both boxes tenfold!!

Moose Blood have been around a bit releasing a couple of EPs and an album and have been building up a huge live reputation. I was pointed at them after they had played Think Tank being told “G you will fucking love these” and he wasn’t wrong! I trekked over to Carlisle to see for myself how good they are live and was truly blown away, BUT tonight they were next level.

Previously they were shrouded in their hoodies and shadows seemingly unaware of how much they were affecting the crowd, not in an arrogant fashion, but in a total unaware of just how good they are kinda way. Back to tonight though and soon as they walk on it’s like they are a different band but unlike many others this is in a good way-Singer/guitarist and main songwriter Eddy Brewerton is smiling and laughing lapping up every deserved yell and clap and the rest of the band feed off this making them more animated in the first two songs than the whole gig I had previously seen and although some may not like the image of a band playing seemingly emo songs in a happy fashion I think it added to it!

The crowd sang every lyric back at them and you could see it genuinely bowled them over (see photo of Eddy crossing stage with massive grin) New album comes out in August and the songs they previewed tonight sounded great but it was “old” favourites Bukowski and Cherry that had the kids going mental. If you are a fan of Brand New and the like then Canterburys’ Moose Blood will be your new favourite band. *due to my leg being in a cast, the photos all from same angle sorry  🙂

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