Big Smoke – London (Part 1) – PHOTO FEATURE

Every now and again I find myself in London for work purposes. I had my old Canon 7D Mk1 with me on this occasion 🙂

On this trip I finally had time to head into the CBD to snap Lloyds Building. A ‘Marmite’ building, some hate it, some love it. I fall in the latter category. Working in construction for my day job I find it fascinating, I love the inside out design, featuring the services on the outside of the building. The Gherkin is also a favourite, bold and instantly recognisable. Architecture is something that fascinates me, we have some amazing buildings in Newcastle but restrictions on height mean that we don’t have much in the skyscraper category. So I think that is a good excuse for some photos!

These are not HDRs, just single shot RAW files that have been processed in Adobe Camera RAW.