On the spot with Dirty King – INTERVIEW

I’ve seen Dirty King a fair few times in the last couple of years. Recently they have played two shows that really made me stand back and think “holy shit!”. They’re on the rise, with each show they get better and better.Powerful vocals and a killer groove. They can also handle their beer, so are pure gold in our books!

I caught up with them for a quick chat ahead of their Trillians show next week. We’ll have more coming up with them soon. Read on to find out more…

Dirty King - March 2016 - Trillians
Dirty King – March 2016 – Trillians

“The band was first formed a couple of years back, or so, from remnants of previous projects. After a personnel hiccup, or two, we settled on, what those who’ve seen us know as, Dirty King. It just worked.

Five lads, mainly from Gateshead, with a hint of Wallsend, between us, we have a love for almost all things rock/metal. We draw on a plethora of influences and use them to do what we like best…riffing it out and having a good time about it.”

Dirty King seem to be on a roll at the moment, getting good support slots and winning a round at a Bloodstock battle of the bands. Can you tell us a bit about those shows?

“On a roll?  We guess that’s one perspective. Not that we do/don’t share it, we just didn’t think about it. To be honest, we’ve just loved sharing the stage with some fantastic bands. Too many to mention them all. We played a really cool gig at The Newcastle O2 Academy, helping support Ten Ton Friday. Supporting Druganaut, at Trillians, was particularly memorable, such a great turn out, it was great to play and Druganaut really did shake our bones. Of course, we have to mention our brothers and sister, in Tombstone Crow. Awesome guys. They’ve been kind enough to let us support them on many occasions. We’ve loved every one.

The BotB was a great experience…and a massive shock. It was great to see so many people turn out to see local, original bands, on a weeknight. We’d hoped that maybe we’d scrape through as runners up, if we played well. We just wanted to get a gig at Think Tank (venue for next round), as at the time, we’d never played there. To win, was a surprise. To score higher than any band in any heat so far, as judges told us, was unbelievable. That led to what must surely be our highest profile gig to date. Supporting The Bendal Interlude and headliners, Conan, at Think Tank, thanks to RFTK Promotions. LOUD AND HEAVY AS FOOK…SERIOUSLY! Forget cliché…you did not have to be there….you could hear (and feel) Conan, for a fair circumference. Using their backline, seemed to make us Dirty King on Steroids!”

Dirty King - April 2016 - Think Tank
Dirty King – April 2016 – Think Tank

What do you think about the current Northeast metal scene?

“The BotB showed how many cool and talented local bands there are. They didn’t enter (so yes, there are even more bands) but take Tombstone Crow, for example. They’re local. They’ve played Bloodstock. Not only are they kind enough to ask us to support them, even when we’re on another band’s bill, they turn out in full support, whenever they can. We try to do the same. It’s what we’re about. We have a great time, whether we’re playing, or we’re watching. We just want to support the local scene and we seem to have that in common. Druganaut regularly appear at festivals. There’s a bit of everything there. A lot of gigs, a lot of love for local bands, some cracking venues, a lot of good times and a little success…sounds like a pretty cool and healthy scene to us.”

Dirty King - March 2016 - Trillians
Dirty King – March 2016 – Trillians

I hear an EP is on the way. Can you tell us a bit about that?

“We can’t say a great deal on the E.P., unfortunately. Not to be obtuse or coy, we just don’t know, ourselves. That’s the long and short of it. It’s true, we have started recording, but it’s taking some time, for all kinds of reasons. It’s up there in our priorities. Hopefully it won’t be too long, but right now, we’re just focusing on having a great time getting out and gigging when we can. We’re also set to record some live material, with the help of Blank Slate Creative and First Avenue. Maybe our first release could be a live EP? Who knows?!”

Dirty King - March 2016 - Trillians
Dirty King – March 2016 – Trillians

What is next for Dirty King?

“We’re just taking it one gig at a time. Next up, we support Tombstone Crow. They’re releasing their Bloodstock DVD, at Trillians, on the 19th May. We jumped at the chance to support them. The night also features Glasgow’s Dog Tired. It’s gonna be a rifftastic night. Free entry too, so no excuses! If we weren’t playing, we’d damn well be watching!
Of course, we have to keep an eye on the semi-finals of Bloodstock’s Metal to the Masses, at Think Tank, on the 29th May. It may be Sunday, but it’s a Bank Holiday Weekend! Yeah!

Please come see us. It would be great to see you twice!!”


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