The Bendal Interlude – April 2016 – Newcastle Think Tank – REVIEW and PHOTOS

The Bendal Interlude 13th April 2016 – Newcastle Think Tank

Damn! What can I say? For me, one of the best things about gigging is going down early and catching all of the bands. You just never know what you’ll get. Every now and again it pays off. The Bendal Interlude are one of those bands that REALLY pay off. They were outstanding opening for fellow Liverpudlians; Conan.

The Bendal Interlude - April 2016 - Think Tank

The Bendal Interlude – April 2016 – Think Tank

Jon was telling us before the show that they had their first ever show opening for them back in 2007. Conan have since gone on to become successful in the doom genre, so it’s a fitting tribute that they return the favour and bring them on tour.

Bendal are certainly not doom. They’re powerful stoner rock and a bloody joy to watch. Ribcage jabbing bass, abstract samples and a back catalogue of ace tunes. They are worth the admission fee alone.

They reminded me a lot of local band Druganaut. Albeit with much more volume and impact, that may be down to Conan’s backline. Which I’m informed you could hear in the Dog and Parrot pub 500 metres up the road!

Safe to say Bendal are bloody awesome, they’ve surely won a whole load of new fans on this tour. Question is; how the hell has this band not made it big yet? I really hope this tour encourages people to check them out and also encourages them to play Newcastle more often!

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