Fvnerals | Dystopian Future Movies | Baker Island | Fractions – Newcastle April 2016 – REVIEW and PHOTOS

Fvnerals | Dystopian Future Movies | Baker Island | Fractions
Newcastle, Northumberland Arms, 3rd April 2016

I’ve never really been a fan of Sunday gigs for some reason (this may explain my grumpiness in some parts of the review!). I suspect my 9 to 5 day job has discouraged playing out before the dreaded Monday commute. However this lineup was irresistible and I had to forgo a lazy Sunday night on the sofa.

Fvnerals - April 2016 - Northy Arms

Fvnerals – April 2016 – Northy Arms

That awful band Pvris were also in town tonight, isn’t that ‘V’ thing annoying as fvck? Generally points towards bland as svit music. However, I am pleased to say Fvnerals are the exception to the rule. Mark my words, Fvnerals are the real deal.

Fractions start the evening with their synth, beats and super mellow vibes. As a five piece they barely fit on the ‘cosy’ Northy stage.

The silence between songs was filled with minimal Geordie banter from their seemingly shy front woman, which actually proved quite endearing. “They love maths!”

The live mix let them down I felt, vocals too low but as the sound-man was playing on stage we’ll let that one slip ;-). The final song was just magical, and a highlight of their set.


Baker Island

Bearsuit meets Belle and Sebastian on a Coxon-esque rock/pop field trip.
The vocals sounded weaker than Tesco Everyday Value lager. A bit muffled, however singer explains he has laryngitis, which explains it. Listening their recorded material it’s a lot stronger. So it was a tough set in all fairness, things just to refused to go their way. They soldiered on, with momentum picking up towards the end of their set, winning some of the crowd over.

Baker Island – PHOTO GALLERY

Dystopian Future Movies

I was extremely keen to see this powerful three piece from Nottingham, having listened to some of their material on Bandcamp prior to the show. They’ve just released a great new EP; NYD.

A slow, somber instrumental opener helps blast away any Sunday cobwebs. The audience watches on intensely, no talking over the songs, they are fully engrossed in the music.

Such a powerful rhythm section with phenomenal drumming. Which really propels their sound, while the soft vocals contradict the pummel, creating a wonderful dynamic. They didn’t disappoint. Awesome band!

Dystopian Future Movies – PHOTO GALLERY


Here’s a band that are destined for great things, if they get the right audience and exposure. It’s great to have them play such an intimate venue in front of a privileged few. Actually (for once) I’m struggling to find the words to describe their set. I can’t just say bloody stunning repeatedly can I?

Fvnerals - April 2016 - Northy Arms

Fvnerals – April 2016 – Northy Arms

They start off their short set with ‘Closer’, a gem of a song from their debut album.

‘Vakna’ built on a minimal structure,  sounds hugely dramatic and tantalising. It feels like the song wants to go nuts and build up, however the band cleverly keep it tamed and paced. It’s a captivating experience.

Bloody stunning!!

Song by song the drama increases, mixing slowcore lushness with big bastard doom riffs, they truly are carving out their own sound. Although obvious comparisons will be made, Chelsea Wolfe and the like.

Their songs sound eerie and desolate, yet so beautiful, it’s a superb mix. The vocals quite majestic and soothing. Bass synth tones are bloody outstanding.

If you haven’t already heard them I highly recommend checking out their album ‘The Light’ and go catch them live before the masses cotton on to this corker of a band.

Bloody stunning!!!


Great bands, great evening, I am very glad I escaped the Sunday sofa sloth-age! The bands all stuck around and watched each other’s sets which is a big thumbs up in my book 🙂

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