On the spot with Mouses – INTERVIEW

Mouses are having a wail of a time. Tour starting soon and a new single out on the 6th May (Listen to it here). A joyful band to watch. You can catch them around the UK in May.

29/04 – Pop Recs, Sunderland
03/05 – The Joker, Brighton
05/05 – Fallow Café, Manchester
06/05 – The Ferret, Preston
07/05 – The Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough
28/05 – Evolution Emerging, Newcastle

I caught up with the duo for a quick chat…

“We are Mouses – Steven Bardgett on Guitar/Vocals and Nathan Duff on the drums – and we are from lovely sunny Billingham.”

Mouses - Newcastle May 2015
Mouses – Newcastle May 2015

What have you been up to since we last saw you opening for Du Blonde last summer?

“We’ve had a really busy year since then! We’ve been to Germany, played Twisterella Festival (which was great as we got to see Du Blonde again!), Stockton Calling, as well as getting everything together for our debut album which will be out this year!”

Mouses - Newcastle June 2015
Mouses – Newcastle June 2015

New single out soon. Can you tell us about that?

“We certainly can. It’s called “Poison” and it’s the first release from our upcoming album. It’s a fuzzy punk rock song about anxiety and using drugs to try and deal with that. It tells the story of a terrifying cat related “trip” that brought to light the dangers of relying on certain substances to combat social anxiety. It’ll be released on May 6th and we’re having a big party with our friends The Magick Godmothers, Crease and Ollie from Casual Threats to celebrate!”

You’ve had a very positive reaction from bands and local press. Did this come as a surprise?

“In a way it did, yeah! When we first started the band just over two years ago, we had very clear picture of what we wanted to do, what sound we wanted to create. The Lo-Fi vibe and heavy use of distortion we thought would put a lot of people off (we were definitely prepared for that!), but the huge response we’ve received has been incredible! We play every gig as if it was our last and throw everything we’ve got into it too and it seems people really appreciate that.

We’ve had a lot of special moments already but I think our highlight to date has to be Germany! The whole experience of travelling there and getting the chance to play to so many new people in a completely different country, as well as the treatment we got whilst we were over there, was just amazing.”

What is next for Mouses?

“Our album will be out in the summer and we’ve got another single to drop before then too (SPOILER!) so there’s going to be lots more touring and new music heading everyone’s way. And of course we’ll be playing Evolution Emerging next month, which we’re super excited about!”

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