Conan – April 2016 – Newcastle Think Tank – FEATURE (photos review and interview)

13th April 2016 – Newcastle Think Tank

Before the show, I had a sneaky feeling this may be one of my gigs of the year. Their latest album Revengeance is by far my favourite record of 2016 so far. The sound is stunning, capturing the sonic assault of Conan, yet with much more depth and control than most in the genre, it’s tough to record their sound. Not to mention the record itself is a thing of beauty, amazing artwork.

Revengeance conan vinyl

On the night my expectations were totally fulfilled. Conan blasting through the mighty PA system at Think Tank is one experience I shall remember fondly for years. So will the neighbours haha!

RFTK Promotions have been on somewhat of a roll this year, hugely eclectic bookings including Ritchie Ramone, around 20 bands for the Bloodstock Battle of the Bands and more. Tonight the lineup seemed perfect. Both supports were outstanding, as was the Punk IPA on draft, of which I had a fair few 🙂

Conan’s setlist has evolved far beyond just the early Doom plodding riffage. There is pace and dexterity in the set. Keeping things lively and allowing you to fully rock out, rather than the usual doom slow head-bob!

I put my camera away after a few songs and headed to the front to rock out with members of Dirty King, Witch Charmer and Plague Rider. Members of the local scene had turned up in force!

The setlist contained a cracking mix of old and new material, as I said well paced and executed. Highlights were ‘Total Conquest’ and a bludgeoning version of the title track from the new LP, (which they dedicated to Rafa Benitez!). They finished the set with ‘Earthenguard’. Which is quite a long song, but not long enough, I didn’t want the show to end!

Conan - April 2016 - Think Tank Newcastle

Conan – April 2016 – Think Tank Newcastle

We also met Jon before the gig for a chat about things in case you missed it earlier the video is down the page after the photo gallery. Knowledgeable, hardworking and friendly bloke. He clearly loves what he does, we could have chatted for hours.

He’ll be back in Newcastle helping the amazing Samothrace on their UK tour. We recommend catching them, they’re quite a musical journey but that’s another story!

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