English Dogs | The Vile | Billyclub – Newcastle Trillians March 2016 – GIG REVIEW

English Dogs | The Vile | Billyclub
Newcastle Trillians, 27th March 2016

Review by Joe Garrick

Ending a four day tour in a raucous crescendo of fast, uncompromising punk rock. The three bands came, saw, and conquered Newcastle.


First up on stage, Billyclub. Playing straight-up, no-nonsense hardcore punk, these guys were tight as a chaffinches chuff. Bounding effortlessly between songs; visceral hard hitters such as “No Justice” or “Civvy Killers”, to end with a favourite of mine, “FUVM”. Top banana!

Next up were The Vile. Last time I saw these play was down in Morecombe more than a year ago, but since then, these guys have honed their sound. These guys came on loud, strong and ready to kick some shit. Blasting through songs, you know these guys (and gal) mean business. “Scars Run Deep” stood out for me; a real humdinger, d-beat-tastic rhythm belie their old bands.

Last but not least, English Dogs. These guys stole their own show. From giving away all their merch, to an impromptu version of “Fog On The Tyne”, I was hooked throughout. Blasting through “Drug Rat”, “Max”, & my (& many of the crowd’s) favourite “Ripper On The Street”, if you missed this, you missed one of the gigs of the year.

50 out of 10. Out-fucking-standing!

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