Blank Slate recommended gigs – April 2016 – Newcastle upon Tyne

There’s loads of gigs on around Toon this month but if you fancy something different where should you go? We pick five Newcastle gigs for those wanting to branch out. 

Blank Slate Recommended Gigs

In no particular order…

At Bona Fide 16th April, Little Rooms

Drone, shoegaze with Krautrock bass! Plus it’s at Little Rooms so bring your own booze! And some ace support acts too full event details on GrimBook

King Khan and the BBQ Show –  25th April, Cluny 

Rescheduled show from the craziest two piece band going. Forget Royal Blaaahhd this is the real deal.

The Fall – 18th April, O2 Academy

It could be great it could be shite. 50/50 gamble with MES. Shame it’s at the academy like. Tickets are pricey mindya! Last time I saw The Fall they played for 27 minutes before MES had a strop and stormed off. I console myself with the fact that it was 27 minutes of brilliance up to that point!

Fvnerals – 3rd April, Northy Arms

Beautiful noise for a super chilled Sunday evening. Check out our interview with them here

Conan – 13th April, Think Tank

Scouse Doom champions are coming to level Think Tank. Touring for their latest album, which is an absolute corker. Do not miss! Bring earplugs.

Do you have any other recommendations? Let us know in the comments below

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