On the spot with The Flamin’ Eights – INTERVIEW

Popular Northeast band The Flamin’ Eights made a welcome return in the wake of Supercharger’s demise. They’re back and having a ball! I caught up with John Davies for a quick chat ahead of their support slot for stoner rock riff legends Karma to Burn at Think Tank on 23rd March ’16!

flamin eights

“The band is based in Newcastle and is made up John on vocals/guitar, Baz on guitar/vox, Neil on Bass/Vox and Graham on the drums.”

The Flamin’ Eights built up quite a respectable following locally before calling it a day, what made you split originally? and why get back together now?
“I suppose we all got a bit tired of playing the same songs to the same people in the same venues and each wanted to try something different musically. Following the Flamin Eights split we all kept in touch and I played with Graham in Supercharger for a few years with Nick and Nash from Drama Club Rejects. When Supercharger split we decided to have a blast at some of the old Flamin Eights tunes for a laugh and see what happened. The rehearsals sounded great so we wrote a load of new songs and booked some gigs.”

Has the time apart changed the bands sound at all? What can old school fans expect at gigs?
“What can the old school fans expect? Pretty much none of the ‘original’ setlist to be honest, haha! The band just sounds like more focused version of the one we played in 8 years ago to my (slightly deaf) ears. The songs and playing from everyone has got tighter and heavier and there’s definitely more melody running through the set.”

“Any plans for the future?
We are supporting Karma To Burn on the 23rd March at Think Tank. Make sure you get there early! We’ll also be releasing a new EP by the summer and hopefully a video to accompany one of the tracks. Gigs wise nothing is booked at the minute but please check out our Facebook page and get in touch if you want to do a gig!”



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