On the spot with FVNERALS – INTERVIEW

Here’s a band that came highly recommended by a knowledgable music fan I know, who urged me to check them out ahead of their Newcastle show in a few weeks. What can I say, he was bloody right! Magical stuff, I’ve been listening and enjoying their latest EP so much that I decided to track them down and find out a bit more about them. Turns out they are doing a rather cool looking Northern Tour with Dystopian Future Movies, making it one you should not miss!

fvnerals tour 2016 poster

“We are Fvnerals, a three piece band from Glasgow mixing elements of dark post-rock, doom and shoegaze. We released our debut album last year and more recently a new Ep on 7 inch record. We are coming to Newcastle as part of a northern UK tour we are doing together with the band Dystopian Future Movies. We will be playing in Sheffield (31/03), Nottingham (01/04), Manchester (02/04), Newcastle (03/04), Edinburgh (04/04) and Glasgow (05/04).”

The songs have such a visual impact for me; dark, almost menacing, yet soothing. The videos also have a striking impact that seems to echo the sounds. How does that ‘vibe’ (for want of a better word) translate to a live performance and how do audiences react?

“Our songs are slow and dark but we tend to have a dynamic live set with songs fitting into each other and building intensity throughout the set. We now play songs from our debut album, our latest Ep and also newer songs so our live performance is quite varied. When it comes to the audience, we’re not really a talkative band and mostly do our thing regardless. We get different reactions depending on who we play with, the venue’s atmosphere and the crowd. We’d like to involve live visuals in the near future, it’s something we were doing with our side project MYYTHS, but we haven’t found the right person yet.”

Dystopian Future Movies are also on the tour, which seems like a perfect pairing! How did the tour come about?

“Caroline (Guitars and Vocals in DFM) and Syd (Guitars in Fvnerals) have been in touch for a few months now. We had similar music tastes and both liked each others bands. We decided to team up and work on a tour together as we thought both bands would fit really well together. They were about to release a new EP and we had our EP coming on vinyl so the timing was perfect.”

The artwork for your records is quite special, jarring and stylistically captivating, very dark and contrasted. Can you tell us a bit more about it? Who creates it, are there themes that carry through to the music?

“Both the artworks for our album “The Light” and our latest Ep “The Path” were done by Brendan Thompson, a photographer/drawer/graphic designer. We came across his work when we recorded our debut album and instantly fell in love with it. We got in touch with him and were lucky to be able to use some of his creations as artwork.”

You are based in Glasgow but the band are originally from Brighton (is that correct?), what made you decamp to bonnie Glasgow and how do the two scenes differ? Good move?

“Tiffany (vocals/synth) and Syd (guitars) met in Brighton in 2013, she was moving from Sweden and Syd had just relocated from London. Across the years we had visited Glasgow a few times and thought it seemed like an exciting place so when we grew bored of Brighton we decided to give it a try up there. We haven’t been up here long enough to compare music scenes but Glasgow is a much bigger place, culturally richer yet more affordable, with more good venues. Only time will tell but so far so good!”

You can find out more info on Fvnerals here www.fvnerals.com



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