Psython – Outputs – REVIEW

Review by Max Renn

Psython are three-piece, Sheffield based band, and are about to release their new album: ‘Outputs’.

Psython 2016

‘Outputs’ delivers twelve tracks that sit squarely in the thrash genre, while also drawing influence from a bit of speed metal.

Giving the album a spin, the first thing apparent is the speed of each song and the musicianship that accompanies it. The delivery of each track doesn’t betray the fairly recent origins of the band and has quite the air confidence about it.

However, comparing my appreciation for being passionate with the bands delivery with my actual enjoyment of the songs, things start to unravel.

While there is a degree of freshness and variety with the album, particularly so with a fairly large number of tracks at hand, I have to say that the vocals began to grate upon me as the album progressed.

The vocal delivery while fairly standard and befitting the genre tropes, does seem locked into one mode, and has a thin quality to it. After a while I felt like I wanted to hear a bit more range or technique to keep up with the variety across the rest of the tracks.

Guitar work is capable here, and there is a nice mix of thrash riffing and speedier lines spread throughout. The track ‘Meltdown’ is a good example of this, and is a track that stood out particularly well to me.

Again, drumwork is fast and varied, but for me lacks bass oomph and because of this can feel a tad buried in the mix.

Checking out some live footage, I’m again reminded that an album mix may not be a true representation of a band at its rawest and potentially best.

Some things I’ve been critical about so far in this review seem to be less of an issue with the band in a live setting, where their sound has a KREATOR-esque vibe and the vocals cut through with a higher register that may set the band apart.

‘Outputs’ is a solid album, especially so when you consider its debut status. While I may not be over the moon with the albums production, many will like the songs on offer here, as there is much to enjoy still.

A confident and capable debut from a band that deserves to be seen live.

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