English Dogs | The Vile | Billyclub – Newcastle Trillians March 2016 – GIG PREVIEW

English Dogs, The Vile and Billyclub
Trillians, Sunday 27th March

Written by Joe Garrick

Jesus would rise from his cave a day early if he knew who was playing in Toon…


March 27th sees three of the most exciting punk bands around at the minute. Each legends in their own right (with ex members of The Exploited, Varukers, Discharge, Hellbastard & The Fiend no less!). Get ready for a raucous night of hardcore.

English Dogs (not to be confused with the “heavy metal” English Dogs) come to Newcastle for the first time in over a year. Their last album, “We Did, We Do, We Always Fucking Will”, was never off my stereo for about a year. Bringing their lyrically fascinating, yet musically exceptional, frenetic punk rock to Trills shall be a masterstroke.

The Vile are yet another band who have gone from strength to strength. The Notts based band are another band that you should go see. Actually, not should, NEED. Fast, powerful, hardcore that makes you wanna go on a three day speed binge & glue your hair into spikes. Again.

This leads us nicely onto Billyclub. I’m not gonna lie here, I fucking love these guys. From the first time I heard the “No Justice” album, I was hooked. I was even lucky enough to do some gigs with them. If you’re not down early enough to see this band play, you’ll regret it. Tight, fast, songs that’ll make you actually shit the bed. Go to this gig, buy 12 pints, & as my dad would say, “gaan acka!”

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